Romeo and Juliet Vocab 3

sarcasm Definition: harsh or bitter derision or ironyPOS: adjectiveSynonym: derisionExample: “I just love homework…”
camphor Definition: any substance having medicinal or aromatic characteristicsPOS: nounSynonym: potionExample: Friar Lawrence knows a lot about camphors
circumlocution Definition: a roundabout or indirect wayPOS: nounAntonym: Getting directly to the pointExample: the student didn’t know the answer so he tried to circulate his way out of the question and lead it to a different topic
cataclysm Definition: any violent upheavalPOS: nounSynonym: warExample: a cataclysm was being formulated by the people who wanted a revolution
gargantuan Definition: large, giganticPOS: adjectiveSynonym: very bigExample: after travelling all day, the weary girl had a gargantuan appetite
paucity Definition: little, meagerPOS: adjectiveAntonym: gargantuanExample: there was a paucity of information about the selected topic so they had to pick another one
juxtaposition Definition: comparing side by sidePOS: nounSynonym: correlationExample: the juxtaposition of the two images
thwart Definition: to blockPOS: verbSynonym: shieldExample: Benvolio tried to thwart the fight that was starting
pun Definition: a play on wordsPOS: nounSynonym: innuendoExample:She had a photographic memory but never developed it.
exposition Definition: situation or position with reference to direction or viewPOS: nounAntonym: resolutionExample: opening title sequence in Star Wars that gives information about the past events to the viewers
denouement Definition: the outcome of a sequence of events, the end resultPOS: nounAntonym: expositionExample: The end of Romeo and Juliet in which the families resolve their conflicts
foil Definition: Thin flexible fencing sword that prevents injury, similar attributes on different sidesPOS: nounSynonym: antithesisExample: Mercutio and Tybalt are foil because of their similar characteristics that are support opposing families
innundate Definition: to fill with an overflowing abundance or superfluityPOS: verbSynonym: overwhelmExample: teachers try not to innundate students with work
repote Definition: to lie at restPOS: verbSynonym: sleep comaExample: Romeo thought that Juliet was dead when in reality she was just repote.
augment Definition: to enlarge in size, amount, or degreePOS: verbSynonym: to make biggerExample: she did not want to augment the situation
appertain Definition: whether by right, nature, appointment or custom, to relatePOS: verbSynonym:concernExample: The actress will probably ignore media questions that don’t appertain to her new film
effeminate Definition: women like, womanly, tenderPOS: adjectiveSynonym: feminineExample: the young boy had an effeminate voice
agile Definition: quickness, lightness of movementPOS: adjectiveSynonym: ease of movementExample: the cat was very agile unlike the clumsy dog
adversity Definition: a state of hardship or afflictionPOS: nounSynonym: misfortuneExample: students should have resilience in the face of adversity

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