Romeo and Juliet types of love

Eros Love at first sight.-highly passionate and intense .-physical love or lust.-happens very quickly and ends quickly; by choice or circumstance.
Philia friendship, emotional.-founded on goodness, companship, dependability, and trust.-born out of eros, and changes it from lust to a shared desure for understanding.
Storge family love, slow, and peaceful.-friendship is key to the relationship.-develops over time, born out of familiarity and/or dependency
agape universal love, compassionate, selfless.-want what’s best for their significant other.-doesn’t care about what happens to self as long as partner is taken care of.
Ludas temporary love, teasing, playful. -never commit to a serious relationship.-always wandering from relationship to relationship, keep secrets from their significant other.
Pragma Rationality, smart choices, no spontaneity, or impulses.-practical love founded on reason or duty to long term interests.-looking for traits and flaws that would be the best match for them.
Philautia self-love.-too much or too little is unhealthy-we think of as self-esteem.

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