Romeo and Juliet – Tybalt Quotes

Tybalt – Aggresive Act 1 scene 1 – Throwing threats “Look upon thy death”
Tybalt – Short tempered Act 1 scene 1 – Tybalt hating Montagues “Peace? I hate the word as i hate all Montagues”
Tybalt – Revengeful Act 1 scene 5 – “I will withdraw, but this confusion shall not seeming sweet concent to build gall!”
Tyblt – Troublemaker Act 1 scene 5 – Tybalt causes trouble in the abll by speaking to Capulet “Uncle this is Montague, our foe”
Tybalt – Honorable Act 1 scene 5 – ” I will fit when such a villain is a guest”

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