Romeo and Juliet True/ False

The quarrel between the Capulets and the Montagues is old when the play opens True
Gregory, a servent of the Capulets, starts a fight by thumbing his nose at a Montegue servent False
Bevolio willingly joins the fray False
Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, vainly strives to maintain peace False
Ladies Capulet and Montague try to dissuade their husbands from joining the fight True
Prince Escalus is a Montague False
The Prince tries to maintain peace in Verona True
The Prince intends to impose the death penalty on the next man who disturbs the peace True
Romeo is depressed because of an unreuited love True
Romeo believes that Benvoli can help him forget his love False
Juliet is almost 14 years old True
Capulet approve of Paris as a match for his daughter, Juliet without any reservations False
Benvolio and Romeo overhear Capulet talking about the party he is giving False
Romeo agrees to go with Benvolio to Capulet’s party True
Lady Capulet speaks to Juliet about Paris’s proposal True
Juliet refuses to accept Paris because she loves another False
Romeo forgets about Rosaline when he sees Juliet True
Tybalt is courteous to Romeo at the Capulet party False
Romeo is afraid to speak to Juliet because he knows that she is a Capulet False
Juliet is distressed to discover that Romeo is a Montague True

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