Romeo and Juliet Timeline

Fight between servants Day 1 Sunday
Romeo is crying over Rosaline, gets invited to party Day 1 Sunday
Tybalt recognizes Romeo at the party Day 1 Sunday
Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss Day 1 Sunday
Romeo runs off into the woods, Benvolio thinks he still loves Rosaline Day 1 Sunday
Romeo goes to Juliet’s window Day 1 Sunday
Romeo goes to Friar to ask him to marry him and Juliet Day 2 Monday
Nurse gives Romeo the letter from JulietRomeo and Juliet get married Day 2 Monday
Mercutio and Tybalt fight and Mercutio dies (Romeoís fault) Day 2 Monday
Romeo kills Tybalt Day 2 Monday
Romeo gets banished and Friar comes up with his plan Day 2 Monday
Romeo goes to Julietís room to consummate the marriage Day 2 Monday
Romeo flees to Mantua Day 3 Tuesday
Juliet is told she has to marry Paris Day 3 Tuesday
She is going to seek Friarís help Day 3 Tuesday
Friar tells Juliet to drink the potion Wednesday night Day 3 Tuesday
Capulet changes the date of Juliet and Parisí wedding to Wednesday Day 3 Tuesday
Juliet drinks the potion at night before bed Day 3 Tuesday
The new wedding date between Paris and Juliet Day 4 Wednesday
Juliet is found “dead” Day 4 Wednesday
Juliet is place in the vault mid-afternoon Day 4 Wednesday
Balthazar finds out about Julietís “death” Day 4 Wednesday
At night Romeo finds about Juliet Day 4 Wednesday
Friar John tries to deliver the letter from Friar Lawrence and he is stopped because there is an outbreak of the plague Day 4 Wednesday
Original date of the marriage between Paris and Juliet Day 5 Thrursday
Juliet does wake up in afternoon Day 5 Thrursday
Romeo arrives at the vault before Juliet awakens and kills himself Day 5 Thrursday
Juliet kills herself (YEAHHH!!!!!!) Day 5 Thrursday
Juliet is really supposed to wake up Day 6 Friday
Very early morning (1 or 2 a.m.) the bodies are discovered Day 6 Friday

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