Romeo and Juliet Themes -Quotes

Fate-Quote “Fortunes Fool”
Fate-Quote “I defy you stars!”
Celestial Imagery-Quote “Juliet is the sun”
Celestial Imagery-Quote “Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon!”
Love (sexual)-Quote “Women grow by men”
Love (sexual)-Quote “Seek happy nights to happy days”
Fate/Free Will-Quote “A pair of star cross’d lovers”
Foreboding-Quote “Methinks I see…One dead in the bottom of a tomb”
Foreboding-Quote “These violent delights have violent ends”
Family and Marriage The family feud creates tension. R+J can’t be together. The contrast between the violent conflict and their love makes their love seem more passionate.
Death and Violent(Conflict, Honour and Feuds) The violence of the feud gradually gets worse through the play. This creates tension as the audience wonders who’ll be hurt next. Death is seen as the only way to escape the feud.
Everyone cares about Honour The characters have a strong sense of honour. They’re drawn into duels. If someone insults them, they feel that their family have also been insulted – they defend their family honour.
Courtley Love was… A way of wooing a lady in medieval times. The man worshipped her from afar, writing poetry and songs about the perfection of his beloved.
Church in the 16th Century Everybody had to go to church on sunday. No one could get married except in church. Couples couldn’t live together unless they were married. Divorce was impossible.
Why Religion was the powerful force in the play… R+J have to live by the moral rules. So getting married was the only option. Once Juliet married Romeo, the audience knows that she can’t marry Paris. If she did she’d be breaking the law. Suicide was seen as a sin.
Friar represents the role of the church in Verona The Friars religious vows mean he has to help R+J. Marriage is sacred to the church, so he has to protect their marriage and help Juliet escape marriage to Paris.

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