Romeo and Juliet themes and topics examples

Love examples Act 2 scene 2Act 2 scene 6Act 5 scene 3
Hate examples Act 1 scene 1Act 3 scene 1Act 3 scene 5
Good vs. evil examples CapuletMercutioRomeo
Fate examples 1.Romeo and Juliet are children of parents who hate each other2. The servant given the list of names for the ball can not read3. Benvolio is able to talk Romeo into attending at the ball to look at rosaline4. Lord calumet allies Romeo to remain at the ball5. Romeo meets and falls in love with Juliet.6. The lovers are separated because of an accidental fight7. The prince decrees thy Romeo is to be banished instead of put to death.
Examples of coincidence(chance) 1. Romeo is asked to read the invitation list for the illiterate servant2. Tybalt recognizes romeos voice at the ball3. Lord capulet moves the wedding day from Thursday to Wednesday 4. Balthasar happens to see Juliet funeral and tells Romeo of her death5. Friar John is quarantined and friar Lawrence’s message never reaches Romeo6. Friar Lawrence is too late to juliets tomb
Love examples(love vs. lust) Friar LawrenceRomeoJuliet Lady capuletLord capuletParis
Lust examples RomeoNurseMercutio
Why is capulet good vs. evil? Wants good for Juliet but also offers to disown her!
Why is mercutio good vs. evil? He is good to Romeo, but wants to fight with the capulets
Why is Romeo good vs. evil? He is the good guy in the story but he killed tybalt

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