Romeo and Juliet Test Review

In a sword fight, the two body parts that actors aimed for were: Ribs and eyes
What are the three skills actors were expected to have in Shakespeare’s time? Fencing, dancing, and acrobatics
As stated in the Prologue, what does the term “star-crossed lovers” mean? Fated to end
Besides savage fights, other events audience members expected to see were: Bloody deaths and mutilations
Two working conditions that made it difficult to achieve realistic effects were: Working too close to the audience and working in day light
What does “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” means? Why are you called, Romeo Montague, my love?
“My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss” is metaphor, comparison
Words like doth, thine, anon, and knowest make Shakespeare’s writing style… archaic (old fashioned or outdated)
Which of the following is NOT an essential detail from this play? The Nurse stalled before telling Juliet Romeo’s message.
Shakespeare lived about 450 years ago. True
Romeo and Juliet kill themselves out of love. What is this an example of? dramatic irony, opposite of what they intended
What weapons did actors need to use during fighting scenes? Rapiers and daggers
Blank Verse was an old type of writing that helped actors remember lines. False
Which quote shows what patrons expected to see at play performances? “The audience expected bloody deaths and mutilations.”
Which quote displays that England was known for its theater? “English actors were admired around the world.”
What ends the grudge between the Montagues and Capulets? Romeo and Juliet’s death
What is the meaning of mutiny? Rebellion
What happens in the exposition of Romeo and Juliet? The two families brawl in the streets.
What do Romeo and Juliet promise in their first full conversation? To marry one another
What do Romeo compare Juliet to? The sun
Where were the two skeleton’s in our article “Romeo, Where art thou skeleton?” found? Mantua, Italy
When were the Skeletons in this article buried? Neolithic period (5,000-6,000 yrs. ago)
What did the finding of these skeletons cause? Archaeologist searching other cites and DNA testing.
What about the article showed that it could be from a newspaper? Headline (title), subtitle, Byline, picture, paragraphs
What does this statement say about Juliet? “It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.” Juliet brightens the day with her beauty
What does this statement say about a guy? “Scaring the ladies like a crowkeeper. “ He is bad with the ladies
What is being made human? “The grey-eyed morning smiles on the frowning night.” Morning and Night
What is the meaning of peril? Trouble
What is the sun doing when smiling onto the frowning night? The sun is rising
What is being exaggerated? “Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye than 20 swords.” Power of the eye
“Death is proud to have claimed thee,” is an example of what type of figurative language? Personification
“Beautiful woman isn’t she/ A woman in the autumn of her life,” is an example of what type of figurative language? Metaphor
“The pale moon like a petal/ Floats in the dusk of Spring,” is an example of what type of figurative language? Simile
“The news of his loss was earth shattering,” is an example of what type of figurative language? Hyperbole
What does it mean to say that English actors were extravagantly admired abroad? The English theater was recognized for its talents around the world.
Rainsford being a hunter that is hunted, is an example of what type of figurative language? Situational irony
“I love taking English I exams,” is an example of what type of irony? Verbal irony
Romeo committing suicide because he THOUGHT Juliet was dead, is an example of what type of irony? Dramatic irony
Romeo and Juliet appears to open as what type of story genre? A Romantic Comedy
What makes the families of Romeo and Juliet bury their strife? The deaths of Romeo and Juliet

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