Romeo and Juliet Test Mr Ronzoni’s Class

Aside When a character speaks his or her innermost thoughts to the audience with the other characters on stage, but the characters do not hear them speak
Which two households are involved in the feud Capulets and Montagues
In the Prolouge what does death-marked love mean? Their love with end with death
Who are the two Capulet servants who provoke the Montague servants to fight? Sampson and Gregory
Who is Benvolio? The peacemaker, Romeo’s best friend/cousin
What are the three times that prince escalus was shown in the play In the very beginning when the Capulets and Montagues were battling, the second time is when Mercutio dies and he banishes Romeo and the final time is when Romeo and Juliet die.
Who is the women (in the beginning of the play) who Romeo is madly in love with? Rosaline
Who is Juliets “Hot Headed” cousin, who kills Mercutio and who is killed by Romeo Tybult
Who is the Leader of the Capulet house, Juliets father, throws a party that Romeo “crashes” Lord Capulet
What are the three things that Tybult tells Benvolio he hates peace, the Montagues and hell
Who is Mercutio His is a a relative of the Prince and Capulet but is still friends with Romeo
In Act 1 Scene 4 Romeo and friends are on their way to Capulets party what is the dream that Romeo has? In his dream Romeo sees that something bad will happen that night
What is a soliloquy? Speaking to oneself out loud but no one hears except the audience
At the party who gets in and argument with Tybult about leaving Romeo be? Lord Capulet
When doEs Romeo first lay eyes on Juliet? When he sees her walking into the room in the arms of another
When does Romeo learn that Juliet is a Montague When the Nurse tells her that her mother would like a word with her and Romeo asks who is her mother and

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