Romeo and Juliet Test

What is Shakespeare’s birth and death date? Birth: April 23, 1564Death: April 23, 1616
How do we know Shakespeare’s birthday? There were written records that he was baptized on April 26, and three days was the ideal amount of time to wait before baptizing a newborn.
How do we know Shakespeare was famous in his own day? Not many playwrights were popular during his time, but Shakespeare’s playwright was well known. The first mention of his playwright was in 1592 by his rival.
How old was Shakespeare and his spouse when they got married? Shakespeare was 18 and Anne Hathaway was 26. They got married on November 27, 1582.
Did Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway have any children? Their firstborn was born in May of 1583 and was named Suzanna. They also had twins, Hamnet, and Judita, born in 1585.
Which of their twins died? Hamnet
What was scandalous about their marriage? Their marriage was rushed, she was pregnant before they get married, Anne Hathaway was much older than Shakespeare. Most likely a shotgun wedding
Was Shakespeare from a wealthy family? His father, John, was a glove maker and was a member of the council. He experienced financial difficulties. His mother, Mary, was the daughter of a wealthy landowner.
What was Shakespeare’s acting troupe called? Chamberlain’s Men, 1594
What did the name of the acting troupe change to? It was later changed to the King’s Men, named after King James I.
What was Shakespeare’s primary theater? The Globe Theater
Where was the theater located? Why? The Globe Theater is located on the other side of the Thamesis River. It was located there because the other side wasn’t good and was near thieves and acting was banned there.
What does groundling mean? A groundling was a person who visited the Globe Theater in the early 17th century. Groundlings got in for a penny each and stood in the middle.
Describe the Globe’s lighting, sets, costumes. There was no roof and their was natural lighting. The costumes were street clothes. There was a slanted stage, few props, and the setting was in the dialogue.
Could anyone be an actor? Explain. Not everyone could be an actor. All of the roles were played by men and actors weren’t well-respected.
Where is Romeo and Juliet set? In Verona, Italy
What is the Prologue for? There were no programs for the plays, so the prologue set up the scene of what they play is going to be about.
What is the poetic structure of the prologue? sonnet
What rhyme scene do we see in a sonnet? 14 line poem; ABABCDCDEFEFGG
What is iambic pentameter? a 10 syllable meter (5 metric feet); 5 stressed syllables, 5 unstressed syllables
What is the “new mutiny” referenced in the Prologue? the deaths of Tybalt and Mercurio, or Romeo and Juliet
Whose “civil hands” are unclean because of the mutiny? all of the citizens. The prince said, “all are punished”
What does Romeo mean? a pilgrim to Rome, worshipper,
What does Juliet mean? youth/young
What does Benvolio mean? benevolent, peaceful
What does Tybalt mean? tyrant, aggressive, mean, always looking for fight
What does Mercutio mean? clownish, fun-loving, comes from Mercurial (god of tricksters)
What does Friar Lawrence mean? wise, supporting, problem-solver; Lawrence means from “Crown of Laurel Leaves”
What does Nurse mean? motherly, surrogate, caregiver
What does motif mean? a recurring symbol
What motif is common throughout Romeo and Juliet? light/dark, day/night, sun/moon
What does the day/night seem to symbolize? secrets versus not secrets
What does Romeo compare to poison in the last act? gold/money
How are poison and money alike? Romeo said that it causes more murders than actual poison. Money can change who you are and make you become more greedy (killing your soul). Poison actually kills you.
What’s the connection between Paris of Verona and Paris of Troy? Paris of Troy was responsible for kidnapping/stealing Helen of Troy. Paris of Verona is considered to be “stealing” Juliet away from Romeo by marrying her.
How long will it be until Juliet is 14? a fortnight (two weeks)
Who is Suzanna? Nurse’s daughter who died at infancy
How does Juliet react to the marriage alliance between herself and Paris? She accepts the marriage alliance and goes with the flow because she knows she has to get married soon.
Who is Romeo pining for in the first scenes? Rosaline
What evidence is there in the first scenes that the law is broken in Verona? The law prohibits sticking up your middle finger (biting of thumb) or insulting them (Sampson stuck up his middle finger). But, it overlooks rape/murder
How do Benvolio and Mercurio get Romeo’s mind off of Rosaline? They take him to the masquerade at the Capulet’s.
Who recognizes Romeo at the party? Tybalt
What are the reactions of the two people who recognize Romeo at the party? Tybalt: outrages, freaking out, and sent a letter to Romeo’s fatherLord Capulet: didn’t care because Romeo was a respectable young man
What does “wherefore” mean? why
Explain “wherefore art thou Romeo” In Juliet’s perspective, it means “Why are you Romeo? Why are you a Montague? Why does their have to be a feud between our families?”
What time will Juliet send Nurse to Romeo? 9 am Monday
Who will Romeo go see? Friar Lawrence
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He agrees to marry them because he thinks if Romeo and Juliet get married, it will end the feud and bring peace between the families.
What excuse does Juliet give when she goes to get married? How many times does she use this excuse in the play? The excuse she gives is that she’s going to confession (shrift). She uses this excuse twice; once to marry Romeo and another time to seek Friar Lawrence’s help to prevent marrying Paris. (On Monday and Tuesday).
What happens immediately after the wedding? Tybalt and Mercurio get into a fight, and Romeo goes in between them to try and stop it.
Who kills whom? Tyablt kills Mercutio; Romeo kills Tybalt
What is the punishment for Tybalt’s involvement in the brawl? death
What is the punishment for Romeo? banishment
Where will Romeo flee? He flees to Mantua. Friar Lawrence’s plan is for him to be there for a few months until everything calms down.
Who explains what happened to the Prince? Benvolio
What is Friar Lawrence’s original plan for Romeo and Juliet? Juliet goes into a death sleep. After she wakes up, Romeo and Juliet will run away together.
How and why does Friar Lawrence amend his plan? Juliet agreed to marry Paris. Friar gives Juliet a potion that will put her to sleep for 48 hours. This was so everyone would believe that she died and wouldn’t have to marry Paris.
How long will Juliet be “dead?” 48 hours
How is the letter transported to Mantua. Friar sent the letter by donkey
Who arrives in Mantua before the letter? Belthasar
What does Romeo purchase from the apothecary? poison
What reason does the apothecary give for selling an illegal, deadly poison? The apothecary was extremely poor and was starving. He needed money.
Who meets Romeo at the tomb? Paris
What is this person’s dying wish? His wish is to be buried besides Juliet.
How would you characterize this person? He has genuine feelings for Juliet and is a good guy.
How does Romeo die? He drinks the poison once he sees Juliet “dead”
Who is waiting for Juliet when she wakes up? Friar Lawrence
How does Juliet die? Once she sees Romeo actually dead, she kisses him hoping to die from the poison on Romeo’s lips. It doesn’t work so she takes his sword and stabs herself.
Who is punished for the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, Paris, Tybalt, and Mercutio? How? All citizens were punished because they all lost someone that they loved.
How long does the action of the play take, from start to finish? 1 week, Sunday to Saturday
Define aside. Give an example. away from a present group; spotlight on one person Ex) “Shall I hear more, or shall I speak.”
Define soliloquy. Give several examples. a long speech that a character reads to an audience that reveals the character’s thoughts. Ex) 1. “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun…”Ex) 2. “A thousand times worse, to want thy light…”Ex) 3. “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo…”
Define dramatic irony. Give several examples. irony that is inherent in speeches or a situation of a drama and is understood by audience, and not by characters.Ex) 1. “Sweet, so would I: Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing…”Ex) 2. “My grave is like to be my marriage bed.”Ex) 3. “I have night’s cloak to hide me from their sight; And but thou love me, let them find me here.”
Explain the dramatic irony in the line “My grave is like to be my marriage bed.” This is dramatic irony because when Juliet marries Romeo, she ends up dead.
Define monologue. Give an example. a long speech in a play given by a character that is intended for everyone to hear.Ex) 1. “Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace,Profaners of this neighbour-stained steel,–Will they not hear? What, ho! you men, you beasts”-Prince
Define oxymoron. Give examples. a figure of speech where contradictory terms appear in conjunction.Examples: “O brawling love” “O loving hate” “Cold fire” “Sick health”

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