Romeo and Juliet test

alliteration repeated letters or sounds
anaphora a word used to avoid repetition
apostrophe an exclamatory passage in a speech or poem adressed to a person or thing
aside a remark by a character to be heard by the audience but not by the other characters
assonance in poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in nonrhyming stressed syllables near enough to each other for the echo to be discernible
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter (ex: shakespeare’s plays)
comic relief comic episodes in a dramatic or literary work that offset more serious sections
dramatic irony saying one thing and meaning the other
dramatic monologue speech in which the speaker inadvertently reveals aspects of their character while describing a particular situation or series of events
flashback a scene set in a time earlier than the main story
hyperbole exaggerated statement
foreshadowing be a warning or indication of a future event
imagery visually descriptive or figurative language
meter the rhythm of a piece of poetry, determined by the number and length of feet in a line
pun a joke exploiting the differenct possible meaning of a word
simile comparing two things using like, as, or than
soliloquy speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by theirself
prologue verona, italy; extended family fued; unknown reason; the children of both families will fall in love and die and with their deaths, there will be peace
act 1, scene 1 fight in the streets, broken up by the prince, if they fight again they willbe killed. Romeo loves Rosaline but she doesn’t love him so he is depressed. Benvolio will help him get over her and look for other girls
act 1, scene 2 paris asks capulet to marry juliet but he leaves it up to her. capulet’s have a masquerade ball. romeo and benvolio decide to sneak into the party
act 1, scene 3 lady capulet and nurse try to talk juliet into marrying paris. juliet is not interested but will talk to him
act 1, scene 4 romeo, benvolio, and mercutio are on their way to the party. romeo believes something out of his control will start that night and will end with his death. queen mabs speech
act 1, scene 5 romeo fall in love with juliet. tybalt recognises romeo and wants to kill him but Capulet says no. Romeo and Juliet kiss, fall in love, and find out they are mortal enemies.
act 2, scene 1 after the party, romeo sneaks away to see juliet
act 2, scene 2 balcony scene. romeo and juliet profess their love and decide to get married. juliet will send a messenger to find out details
act 2, scene 3 friar lawrence agrees to marry romeo and juliet that afternoon
act 2, scene 3, lines 23-24, & 94
act 2, scene 4 tybalt sent a challenging letter to romeo. romeo gives details about wedding to nurse. romeo sends a rope latter to juliet so they could be together that night
act 2, scene 5 juliet agrees to meet romeo at the friar’s cell
act 2, scene 5, lines 55-57
act 2, scene 6 romeo and juliet get married
act 3, scene 1 tybalt tries to fight romeo, who doesn’t want to, mercutio fights tybalt. romeo tries to stop them, gets in the way, mercutio gets killed. mercutio blames romeo, romeo kills tybalt. prince exiles romeo who runs away
act 3, scene 1, lines 124-127, 174-175, 178-179
act 3, scene 2 juliet is ready for her wedding night but nurse tells her that romeo killed tybalt and was exiled. juliet was angry at first but sends romeo a ring
act 3, scene 3 romeo would rather die than be exiled without juliet but is relieved when he gets juliet’s ring
act 3, scene 4 lord capulet tells paris that juliet will marry him on thursday
act 3, scene 5 romeo and juliet wake up from wedding night and don’t want to leave and he promises to see her again. juliet refuses to marry paris and lord capulet says he will kick her out if she doesn’t, so she goes to friar lawrence for help
act 4, scene 1 paris asks friar to marry him and juliet on thursday and he agrees. friar gives juliet a potion to make her “die” for 42 hours. friar sends a letter to romeo telling him thier plan
act 4, scene 2 juliet apologizes to her father and agrees to marry paris. wedding moved to wednesday
act 4, scene 3 juliet worries if the potion will work, if she’ll wake up alone, if it was lethal, or if it wouldn’t work. she drinks it anyway
act 4, scene 4 wedding day; capulet sends nurse to wake up juliet
act 4, scene 5 nurse finds juliet “dead”. lord capulet orders wedding to become a funeral

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