Romeo and Juliet Test

How is the prologue introduced in this version of the play? The prologue is introduced through a news broadcast
What is the impression of the bright colors and music choices in the film? expresses the boys personalities
What colors do the Capulet boys wear? Dark Colors
What colors do the Montague boys wear? Bright Colors
What kind of weapons do the characters carry in the film? 9 millimeter hand gun
How does the film show that the Capulets and Montagues are wealthy? 1) Big Buildings 2) Many Cars
How do Benvolio and Romeo learn about the Capulet party? They hear about it on the news (TV)
Who is Mr. Capulet Juliet’s Dad
Who is Mr. Montague Romeo’s Dad
What name does Romeo belong to? Montague
What name does Juliet belong to? Capulet
Who is not part of the Capulet or Montague family? Mercutio
Who is Mercutio? Romeo’s Best Friend
How does Mercutio act? outgoing, loud, hyper, funny
Why is Mercutio expressed in such a way? to help younger audiences have a good laugh, and it catches others attention
How is Romeo different than the boys he hangs out with? laid back, careful
How does the film treat the idea of masks at the Capulet Party? Everyone is Equal!
What costume does Tybalt wear at the party? A devil costume
How is Romeo and Juliet’s first kiss suspenseful? They are 2 rival families and they are sneaking around
How does Romeo learn of Juliet’s family relations? He sees Juliet with her mom on the stairs
How is the balcony scene not a balcony scene? The scene is a pool not a balcony
What is your impression of Friar Laurence? Curious, Knowledgeable, teacher
Why did Tybalt have all bullets but one removed from his gun and why did Mercutio reach for Romeo’s gun to do the same? For a duel/ One Bullet/ One shot make it count
How was Romeo’s reaction to his banishment? Astonished, taken- back
How is Juliet’s reaction to the news of Romeo and Tybalt? Astonished, sad, angry
Lady Capulet does not want to talk to Lord Capulet about Juliet’s cause? why? Lady Capulet is afraid to defend Juliet, thinking that Lord Capulet will hurt her more.
How was the discovery of Juliet’s death? found in her room
Why do you think Mantua is depicted the way it is? Showing Romeo’s exile
What is different about Friar Lawerence’s letter Letter is delievered by the post office
How is Romeo’s entrance to the tomb so dramatic? Police chasing him, gunshots, Romeo takes Priest hostage
How is Romeo’s suicide tragic? He drinks poisin and Juliet moves and he does not realize, there is a long scene about Juliet mourning.
Why were there so many religious icons and images? To represent that everyone has a different religion and that they are not discriminating any belief.

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