Romeo and Juliet test

balthasar servant of romeo, told romeo juliet has died
nurse caregiver of juliet, helps arrange wedding with romeo, finds juliet dead
friar john supposed to deliver letter to romeo but didn’t because he is detained
friar lawrence franciscan priest and makes plan for romeo and juliet to be together
paris kinsman to the prince and wants to marry juliet and when he dies he wants to be placed in capulets tomb
tybalt juliet’s cousin and nephew of lady capulet, hotheaded, his foil would be benvolio and romeo, kills mercutio
benvolio romeo’s cousin, nephew of montague, peacemaker, foil would be tybalt, responsible for romeo going to party
mercutio kinsman of prince, best friend of romeo, his death happened in climax of story, fought for romeo because he thought he was lovesick
juliet daughter of capulets, 13, raised by nurse, doesn’t think things through
romeo son of montagues, impulsive, very fickle, marries juliet, kills tybalt and paris
lady capulet mother of juliet, not very close with juliet, want juliet to marry paris
lady montague mother of romeo, dies of grief after romeos banishment
capulet juliets father, forced marriage between her and paris, moved wedding from thursday to wednesday, threatens juliet if she doesn’t marry paris
prince escalus ruler of verona, in the beginning, breaks up brawl between montagues and capulets, 2 kinsman died
opening street brawl sampson and gregory were present and balthasar and abram, sampson and gregory bit their thumbs at them, benvolio tried to break it up
party romeo went to the party to find someboody he liked, benvolio told him to compare rosaline to other girls
juliets marriage nurse told juliet to marry paris because he is a man of wax
party 2 romeo wore a mask to hide his identity at the party, because mercutio was only one invited out of the three
tybalt party tybalt recognized romeos voice at the party
juliet on balcony she was thinking about why romeo had to be a montague
romeos dreams romeo was afraid because he felt like everything that happened with juliet is a dream
friar lawrence advice to romeo he tells romeo he needs to follow her with his heart not his eyes
mercutio vs tybalt mercutio fights for romeo because he believes he is lovesick
juliet doesn’t want to marry paris she threatens to kill herself if firar cannot help her get out the marriage
juliet has fears when taking the potion wont’t work, kill her, see tybalts body in tomb, waking up too early
finding juliet dead nurse went to wake up juliet and called her name, she wasn’t answering at first, then she went up and realized she was dead
mercutios death after mercutios death the nurse tells juliet that she should marry paris
paris paris sees romeo at cemetery and thinks he is going to harm the bodies
friar lawrence to the rescue he went to the tomb to get juliet since the plan didn’t work
romeo kills paris romeo killed paris in the tomb and poisons himself in the tomb
deaths lady capulet, juliet, romeo, and a paris all die
marriage friar married them so that they could end the feud
setting verona
number of acts 5
written in iambic pentameter
literary terms personification, simile, etc.

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