Romeo and Juliet Test

mutiny a. revolt or rebellion against authority who make law
toil a. work extremely hard b. battle or strugglec. travel w difficulty
strife a. angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues
pernicious a. having a harmful effectb. deadly c. wicked
augmenting a. make (something) greater by adding to it; increase:
portentous a. threateningb. ominous (sign of something memorable will happen)
importuned a. to ask persistently to do something
disposition a. emotional outlook; moodb. physical inclination or tendency
chide a. to express disapproval; scoldb. to harass
tyrannous a. unjustly, harsh, cruel b. a person who carries the characteristics of a tyrant
“There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls” (5, II, 84) Context: Romeo goes to the apothecary to buy poison to commit suicide Romeo says this to apothecaryQuote meaning: Romeo is thinking that it will reunite him w Juliet and is happy to take the poisonAnalysis: Poison= Gold. Gold=Greed. Greed=Death
“They stumble that run fast” (2, III, 101) Context: Romeo has to come to Friar Lawrence asking him to marry him and Juliet Friar Lawrence says this to RomeoQuote meaning: Friar is nervous and thinking that it’s not a good idea. But does it thinking that it will settle the feud between the montagues and capulets.Analysis: Friar Lawrence thinking to himself how R+J are moving too fast and is nervous how something will go wrong and something bad will happen. He is nervous that they will Fall (edenic interp.) which will cost their lives.
“Woman may fall when there’s no strength in men (2, III, 85) Context: Romeo has to come to Friar Lawrence asking him to marry him and Juliet. Friar Lawrence is trying to convince Romeo that it isn’t a good idea. Friar Lawrence says this to RomeoMeaning of quote: Women will be lead to their downfall because they rely on men to help them with their strength.Analysis: Romeo says that women will fall without men. But here it shows Irony because it’s not only women that fall it’s also men (himself) that falls. They both fall.
“My only love sprung from my only hate” (1, v, 152) Context: Juliet finds out that Romeo is the son of her enemy. Juliet says this to the nurse.Meaning of quote: Juliet loves the man that her father hates. Analysis: Literary device= oxymoron. (opposites hate vs love)
“If he be married, my grave is like to me my wedding bed” (1, v, 48-49) Context: Juliet asks the nurse who Romeo is. Juliet says this to the nurse.What quote means: If Juliet marries right then then it’s as if her wedding has now turned into her coffin for her to die.Analysis: Juliet says this saying that if she marries Paris and not romeo she metaphorically states how her wedding night will be as if she has laid in her grave. This is also a foreshadow for what will actually happen in the story and how marriage kills her. How her love for Romeo is misguided and kills her instead.
“Alack, there lies more peril in thine eyes” (2, II, 76) Context: Romeo meets Juliet at the balcony to see her unexpectedly. Romeo says this to JulietMeaning of quote: He tells her that he is not afraid to be seen from the capulet because his love for her is too strong. He says that not seeing her would be more harmful that being stabbed with many swords. Analysis: Romeo says this to juliet. This is foreshadowing what will happen with their love for each other and how they will end up dying from their love. And this is ironic because his love for her is actually more dangerous and put them in jeopardy.
“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their heart, but in their eyes” (2, III, 70) Context: Romeo has gone to Friar Lawrence asking to marry Juliet and himself together. Friar Lawrence says this to RomeoMeaning of quote: Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo that by doing this is childish because young men at his age fall blindly in love right away but get sick of it. Analysis: Shows how guys are in life. Shows that this story is a “puppy love” story. Guys fall in love right away without really knowing the girl and fall in love with what they “see” and not by how they actually “feel” It’s an immature love.
“Heaven and yourself had part in this fair maid.” 203 – (4, v, 72/73) Context: Friar Lawrence has come to lady capulet and Juliet’s father telling them what had happened to their daughter and why it happened. Friar L says this to Lady Capulet and J’s dadMeaning of quote: Friar Lawrence tells them that they were apart of the reason why Juliet had died. Analysis: Friar lawrence tells lady capulet and dad that this tragedy of R + J dying was because of them and their feud they had between the montagues. How it was also their fault to force Juliet to marrying Paris when she didn’t want to in the end but wanted to be with Romeo
“Just opposite to what thou justly seem’st, a damned saint, an honorable villain.” (3, II, 84/85) Context: The nurse has informed Juliet that Romeo has killed her cousin Tybalt and that Romeo has banished and run away. Juliet says this to the nurseMeaning of this quote: By Juliet hearing this news, she is angry and crying out to the nurse saying that she thought Romeo was a good man but turned out to be wrong about what she thought. Analysis: Theme: Seem vs Being Juliet says this to the nurse and tells her that the romeo acts like a good person a “saint” but really he isn’t and that really he is a “villain” But even though Romeo killed Tybalt she still loves Romeo dearly and wants to be with him.
“By heaven, I love thee better than myself” (5, III, 64) Context: Romeo approaches Paris. Romeo has come back and traveled to see the lifeless juliet. Romeo is saying this to ParisMeaning of quote: Romeo is telling Paris to move away and let him do what he needs. Romeo will let Paris go as if he were one of his own, but if he doesn’t then he will kill him. Analysis: Romeo was nicely asking Paris to move away and ignoring that there was a feud between them.

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