Romeo and Juliet synopsis

Act 1 scene 1 The Montagues and Capulets fight in the streets. Prince Escalus warns that any more fighting will be punished with death. Romeo loves Rosaline and is very sad.”Part Fools!/Put up your swords, you know not what you do.” (68-69 Benvolio)- this is the first prose of the whole play, which indicates what the character is saying. Generally in the play, prose is associated with violence, and verse is associated with peace
Act 1 scene 2 Paris tells Lord Capulet he wants to marry Juliet. Romeo and Benvolio decide to go to the Capulet party.”She’s the hopeful lady of my earth./ But woo her gentle Paris, get her heart,/ My will to her consent is but a Part” (15-17 Lord Capulet) – this is the side of Lord Capulet that is most contrasted to his fury in Act 3 Scene 3. This shows that Lord Capulet does really care about Juliet, and gives a seperate point of view for the thoughts of Lord Capulet.
Act 1 scene 3 Lady Capulet tells Juliet and her Nurse about Paris and his proposal of marriage “I’ll look to like of looking liking move” (98 Juliet) – in this quote Juliet is showing a more tentitive or cautious side of Juliet, which is greatly contrasted to the rest of the play as she seems to get more rash and sudden the longer the play goes on. For example, when she first meets Romeo, she almost immediately wants to marry him. Furthermore, when she is disowned by her parents she is thinking about killing herself. And finally, when she sees Romeo dead, she does kill herself. Shakespeare might do this to show how easy it is to get totally fixated on something, or maybe to show how simple it is to influence young people
Act 1 scene 4 Romeo and his friends arrive at the Capulet party. They are wearing disguises.”I fear to early, for my mind misgives/ Some consequence yet hanging in the stars” (106-107 Romeo) – Romeo is a character that greatly blames fate and fortune for his mistidings (“I am fortunes Fool”). In this quote Romeo is foreboding to the end of the play when he and Juliet die. The word “stars” continues this role of fate. Romeo can said to be contrasted to Juliet in this sense as Juliet seems to defy fate from ruling her life, and instead she rules fate (“Be fickle, Fortune” – Act 3 Scene 5 Line 63)
Act 1 scene 5 Juliet and Romeo meet and they fall in love even though they are enemies”If I profane with…my prayer’s effect I take.” (92-105 Romeo + Juliet (Shared Sonnet)) – in this scene Romeo and Juliet have a shared sonnet. Since sonnets usually represent love, this show the love between Romeo and Juliet. However the sonnet also reminds us of the prolouge at the start of the play which represents death and the tragedy in the play. This links to the constant theme I of twoness in the play (love and death, war and peace, Capulet and Montague)
Act 2 scene 1 Romeo doesn’t go home with his friends and instead jumps the Capulet wall to be with Juliet
Act 2 scene 2 Balcony scene and plan to marry
Act 2 scene 3 Romeo goes to Friar Laurence to ask if he will marry them and he agrees hoping it will bring the families together
Act 2 scene 4 Benvolio and Mercutio are talking about Tybalt. Romeo joins them. The Nurse arrives and talks to Romeo. Romeo gives The Nurse a message for Juliet.
Act 2 scene 5 The Nurse returns to Juliet’s house. She gives Juliet Romeo’s message. Juliet goes to see Friar Lawrence.
Act 2 scene 6 Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence
Act 3 scene 1 Tybalt and Mercutio fight and Tybalt kills him then Romeo and Tybalt fight and Romeo kills Tybalt then the prince banishes him
Act 3 scene 2 The Nurse tells Juliet that Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished. Juliet wants to see Romeo.
Act 3 scene 3 Romeo goes to Friar Laurence and they plan for Romeo to hide in Mantua until it all blows over
Act 3 scene 4 Juliet cries all day. Lord and Lady Capulet agree she will marry Paris in 3 days.
Act 3 scene 5 Romeo leaves and Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Paris and Juliet refuses and Capulet says he will disown her if she doesn’t so she goes to Friar Laurence
Act 4 scene 1 Friar Laurence makes the plan for Juliet to drink a sleeping drug to escape the wedding
Act 4 scene 2 Juliet says she will marry Paris but the wedding gets moved to the next day
Act 4 scene 3 Although she is frightened, Juliet takes the Friar’s drug.
Act 4 scene 4 The wedding preparations continue to be made and Capulet sends the Nurse to wake Juliet.
Act 4 scene 5 The Nurse finds Juliet. She thinks she is dead. They take Juliet’s body to the tomb.
Act 5 scene 1 Balthazar goes to Mantua. He tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo buys poison and returns to Verona.
Act 5 scene 2 Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo has not received his letter and hurries to the Capulet’s vault.
Act 5 scene 3 Romeo kills Paris at the tombs, then he drinks the poison and kills himself. Juliet awakes and sees he is dead then kills herself with a knife. The whole situation makes the Caps and Monts want to release their grudges.

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