Romeo and Juliet – style

What genre is the play? A tragic comedy
What is the Chorus? A common device originating in Ancient Greek tragedy where a group of minor (less important) characters address the audience directly.
What is the purpose of the Chorus?
What is a prologue? It is like a foreword, spoken by the Chorus at the start of the play. It sums up the play.
What form is the prologue written in? Sonnet form, with 3 quatrains (set of 4 lines)
What is the structure of the final two lines of the Prologue? A rhyming couplet – two lines where the final words at the end of each line rhyme.
When is the other time when we hear the Chorus commentary? At the start of Act Two.
What do they point out? That Romeo’s love is driven by his eyes, not his heart.
What is prose?
Which characters usually speak in prose? The characters who are lower in rank. Sometimes characters higher in rank also speak in prose. There can be different reasons for this.
How many syllables
What Iambic pentameter
Why was this rhythm particularly appropriate for characters in love? It is the rhythm of the heartbeat
What do we call it when Shakespeare Juxtaposing for comic relief
What else do the comic scenes do? Reflect the serious themes of the play – different attitudes to love and the petty cause of the feud
What is a pun? A play on words
What is an innuendo? A double meaning (often crude or bawdy)
What is the purpose To contrast with the poetic language of Romeo and Juliet
What is an oxymoron? A poetic technique which combines two words of opposite meaning
Why is this technique used? To show conflicting emotions
What is the purpose of rhyming couplets?
What is imagery? A word picture – includes similes, metaphors and personification.
What are some of the key types of imagery in the play? Metaphors for love
What is symbolism/a symbol? This is when one thing is used consistently by the playwright to stand for another.

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