Romeo and Juliet Study Guide/ Prologue/ Act 1

How is Tybalt’s gang like the street gangs of today? Tybalt’s gang is like the street gangs of today because they both start fights with other gangs.
Why do you suppose Shakespeare started the first scene with a fight between the Servants of the two families, instead of the families themselves? Shakespeare started the first scene with the fight between the servants of the two families because he wanted to show the depth of the feud. The depth of the feud has caused even the servants to despise one another.
What threat does Prince Escalus make against the “enemies of the Peace”? Prince Escalus threatens death to those who begins fights, in other words “the enemies of the peace. “
What is Romeo’s mood in the first scene and what caused it? The first scene, Romeo is in dispair and is heartbroken because he cannot be in a relationship with Rosealine. Romeo cannot be with Rosealine because she wants to remain chaste.
How according to Benvolio might Romeo alter that mood? Benvolio suggest that Romeo should meet other girls and forget about Rosealine, which would alter his mood.
How does Romeo react to Benvolio’s suggestion? Romeo does not believe Benvolio’s suggestion would work because Romeo does not believe it is possible for him to get over his feelings for Rosealine.
In his talk with Capulet what proposal does Paris make? During the talk between Capulet and Paris, Paris asks for Juliet’s hand in marriage.
Under what circumstances does Capulet say he will agree? Capulet says he will agree after two more years, as Juliet is still young.
Why does the servant approach Romeo? The servant approaches Romeo because the servant was instructed to deliver invitations, but the servant could not read. The servant ask Romeo to read the names on the invitations.
Quote arguments used by Benvolio in attempting to persuade Romeo to attend the party. “Go thither, and with unattainted Compared her face with some that I shall show,And I will make thee think thy swan a crow.”(Shakespeare 67)”Herself poised with herself in either eye.But in that Cristal scales let there be weightedYour lady’s love against some other maid”(Shakespeare 67)” That I will show you at this feast,and she shall scant show well that now seems lost.”(Shakespeare 67)
For what reason does Romeo agreed to go to the party? Romeo agrees to see Rose line. He mentions “to rejoice in splendor of mine own”(Shakespeare 67). In other words, means he will go on his own terms, most likely to see Rosaline.
How old is Juliet? Juliet is 13 years old.
Describe the personality of the nurse. The nurse is attention seeking, sentimental, loquacious, and indecent.
What subject does Lady Capulet want to take up with Juliet? Lady Capulet wants to discuss the topic of marriage with Juliet.
What does Juliet think of marriage? Juliet has never thought or had an opinion on marriage and that she would consider marriage with Paris.
How is their conversation postponed for a while? Lady Capulet and Juliet’s conversation was postponed because the nurse would not stop talking about Juliet as a child.
What are Romeo and Mercutio’s contrasting moods? In this scene, Mercutio seems to be making an attempt to cheer Romeo up. This shows how much of a lively character Mercutio is. on the other hand, brokenhearted Romeo is gloomy because he is not able to be in a relationship with Rosealine.
Who is Queen Mab? Queen Mab is the faries mid-wife
What does Queen mod play with blisters? Queen Mab plagues blisters on ladies lips.
What is Queen Mab’s Chariot made of? Queen Mab’s chariot is an empty hazelnut made of spider legs and grasshopper wings.
What are the spokes made out of? Spokes are made of spider legs.
What is the whip made out of? The whip is made of a cricket’s bone.
When Mab rides across a lawyer’s fingers what do they dream of? When Queen Mab rides across a lawyer’s finger they dream of straight fees and money.
Who dreams of drums and cutting foreign throats? Soldiers dream of drums and cutting for and throat’s.
Why do you suppose Shakespeare included Mercutio’s long speech of Queen Mab? I suppose Shakespeare included Mercutio’s long speech on Queen Mab to show that dreams reflect the desires of the dreamer. Romeo believe dreams reflect reality.
What is the general atmosphere as the scene opens? The general atmosphere is the scene opens seems to be hectic and busy between the servants.
Who is Romeo looking for as he enters the party? Who does he see instead? Romeo enters the party, he looks for Rosaline. Instead, he sees Juliet.
What does Tybalt want to do when he finds out Romeo has “crashed the party”? When Tybalt finds out Romeo has crashed the party, he wants to start a fight with him.
What does Lord Capulet tell Tybalt to do? Lord Capulet tells Tybalt to, “endure it”, not to start a fight and ignore Romeo.
Having fallen in love, Romeo and Juliet make a discovery. What is the discovery? Romeo and Juliet discover that they have fallen in love with one another, but they happen to be eachother’s foes.

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