Romeo and Juliet Study Guide: ACT 1 Scene 5

What is the purpose of putting in the episode with the servants? comedy
Capulet wants the women to dance, but he won’t participate. Why? he says that he is too old
What happens when Romeo enters the room? he spots Juliet
When Romeo speaks, who overhears him? Tybalt
What does Tybalt send his servant to get? his rapier
What is Capulet’s response to finding out that Romeo is there? leave Romeo alone
Tybalt finally ‘withdraws’, but what does he promise? revenge
Romeo wants to purge his sin by ‘praying’ with what body part? the lips
What excuse does Romeo have for kissing Juliet the second time? to take the kiss back
What is Romeo’s response to finding out who he kissed? “O dear account! My life is my foe’s debt.”
What is Juliet’s response to finding out who she kissed? “What’s he that now is going out the door?”

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