Romeo and Juliet study guide

Gallent Brave and noble
Gallent sentence That gallent spirt hath aspired the clouds
Fray Noisy fight
Fray sentence Benvolio who began this bloody fray
Martail Military
Martial sentence And with a martial scorn with one hand beats
Agile Quick and easy of movement
Agile sentence His agile arm beats down their fatal points
Exile Banish
Exile sentence Immediately we do exile him hence
Tedious Tiresome and boring
Tedious sentence Not yet enjoyed so tedious is this day
Eloquence Speech that is vivid forceful graceful and persuasive
Eloquence sentance But romeos name speaks heavenly eloquence
Fickle Changeable
Fickle sentence If thou art fickle what dost thou with him
Abhors Detests, intensely dislikes
Abhors sentance Oh how my heart abhors to hear his name
Soliloquy Lengthy speech Spoken to no other charactersLet’s audience know what character is feeling/thinking
Aside BriefSpoken when other characters are presentOther characters cannot hear said to audience
Monologue Lengthy speechAddressed to other characters

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