Romeo and Juliet: Structural Elements

Summarize the Exposition 1.) Capulet vs. Montague street fight2.) Heartbroken Romeo 3.) Queen Mob4.) Juliet to marry Paris
Summarize the Exciting Force 1.) Romeo and Juliet meet – love sparks
Summarize the Rising Action 1.) Romeo and Juliet – “instant love”2.) Juliet Declares love for Romeo and he over hears (famous balcony scene)3.) “Star crossed lovers” plan marriage 4.) Romeo and Juliet married 5.) Tybalt kills Mercutio
Summarize the Climax 1.) Romeo kills Tybalt – he is banished from Verona
Summarize the Falling Action 1.) Romeo flees to Mantua2.) Juliet learns of incident – she is distraught and filled with grief3.) Friar suggests plan – sleep potion4.) Juliet drinks potion – Romeo told she is dead, real news does not make it to him5.) Romeo decides to sneak into Verona and drink poison – die next to his wife
Summarize the Catastrophe 1.) Paris, Romeo , Juliet all die

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