Romeo and Juliet Sonnet and Prologue

Usually a_______recited to the audience to introduce the play. One man called the_____would recite this prologue to the audience before the play. poem, chorus
Why include a prologue? Gives audience background information, used to hook the reader or audience
Shakespeare wrote a _______to introduce Romeo and Juliet. sonnet
A sonnet has_____ lines. 14
Each line in a sonnet has_______ syllables. 10
Each line has a specific rhythm called___________. Iambic pentameter
Sonnets are broken into _________stanzas. 4
The first three stanzas have 4 lines, called _____________. quatrains.
Sonnets have a final stanza made of two lines at the end of the poem called a ______________. couplet
Sonnets usually follow a specific _______ __________ or rhyme pattern. rhyme scheme(Example: abab cdcd efef gg)

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