romeo and juliet sonnet

what is a sonnet called shakespearean or elizabethan sonnet
rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg
quatrain 4 lines; 3 quatrains in each sonnet
couplet 2 lines (rhyme with each other); 1 couplet at end of each sonnet
lines 14 in each sonnet
iambic pentameter each iamb has one unstressed and one stressed syllable (2); 5 iambs in each line of sonnet; weak, STRONG, weak, STRONG…
syllables 10 syllables in each line of sonnet (5 iambs)
meter a unit of rhythm in poetry; ex: sonnet is iambic pentameter
how many syllables is each iamb 2 syllables per iamb
religious references pray, saint, faith, holy palmers, mannerly devotion, holy shrine, prayer
themes fate v.s. free will; religious devotion (dedication)
dialogue in sonnet based on metaphor that romeo is pilgrim and juliet is saint
what is happening in sonnet Shakespeare is having romeo and juliet speak with religious devotion in romantic discussion
vocab words fine (punishment); devotion (pilgrim’s vow); Palmer (pilgrim who carried palm leaf to show that he’d been to holy land)

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