Romeo and Juliet Side/Foot Notes Act 2

discoures speaks
wherefore WHY
baleful evil or poisonous
simple foolish
hie hurry
What does the sonnet inform us about? It informs us that Romeo is in love with Juliet.
What is the aside ACT 2? Shall I hear more, shall I speak at this?Romeo is listening under Juliet’s Balcony.
Why does Juliet SAY not to swear their love to the moon? Juliet said this because their love is ALWAYS changing.
What is the turning point in ACT 2? Romeo and Juliet agree to marry each other.
What is the HYPERBOLE in ACT 2? ‘Tis TWENTY YEARS till then’then = 9:00AM the next morning.
What is the setting in Scene 3 of ACT 2? Monday Morning
What is the tragic flaw in ACT 2? Romeo’s impulsive behavior.
What is the CHARACTERIZATION in ACT 2? Friar said that Romeo’s love is to changeable.
Does Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Yes, Friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet.
Why does Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He thinks that it is going to end the feud.
What is the complication in ACT 2? TYBALT challenges Romeo.
What kind of humor does Shakespeare want the NURSE to have? He wants the nurse to have Jack and the Box Humor.
What is the suspense in ACT 2? The nurse will not tell Juliet the wedding plans.
What is the pun in ACT 2? ‘Hie to high fortune!’
What is the personification in ACT 2? Friar said that the heavens smile.
What quote is foreshadowing in ACT 2? ‘These violent delights have violent ends.’
What is the complication at the end of ACT 2? ROMEO AND JULIET ARE OFFCIALLY MARRIED.
Does ACT 2 contain one of the most famous SOLIOQUY in dramatic literature? Yes, ACT 2 does contain one of the most famous SOLIOQUY in dramatic literature.
What figures of speech does Romeo use to compare Juliet to an angel? Simile, Metaphor, and HYPERBOLE

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