Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Test

story that is written to be acted for an audience drama
play, novel, or other narrative that depicts serious and important events in which the main character comes to an unhappy end tragedy
the protagonist of a tragedy tragic hero
the downfall or destruction of the tragic hero catastrophe
the character trait which brings about the downfall of the tragic hero tragic flaw
character who is used as a contrast to another character dramatic foil
when the audience knows something important that a character in a play does not know dramatic irony
fourteen-line lyric poem that is usually written in iambic pentameter and that has one of several rhyme schemes sonnet
sonnet made up of three quatrains and one couplet Shakespearean sonnet
generally regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry meter
poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter blank verse
group of consecutive lines in a poem that form a single unit stanza
a metrical foot, or unit of measure, consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable iambic foot
one stressed and one or two unstressed syllables poetic foot
a poetic line made up of five poetic feet pentameter
line of poetry that contains five iambic feet iambic pentameter
a stanza of four lines quatrain
two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme couplet
a long speech given by one character to the others on the stage monologue
unusually long speech in which a character who is onstage alone expresses his or her thoughts aloud soliloquy
words that are spoken by a character in a play to the audience or to another charcter but that are not supposed to be overheard by the others onstage aside
figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, in which one things becomes another thing without the use of the word: like, as, than, or resembles metaphor
a metaphor that is extended, or developed, over several lines of writing or even throughout an entire poem extended metaphor
figues of speech that make a comparison between two unlike things, using a word such as: like, as, resembles, or than simile
a rhetorical figure which includes incongruous or contradictory terms, as “bright smoke” or “feather of lead” oxymoron
kind of metaphor in which a nonhuman thing or quality is talked about as if it were human personification
type of rhythmic, compressed language that uses figures of speech and imagery to appeal to the reader’s emotions and imagination poetry
play on the multiple meanings of a word or two words that sound alike but have different meanings pun
repetition of accented vowel sounds, and all sounds following them, in words that are close together in a poem rhyme
rhymes that occur at the end of lines end rhymes
the pattern of rhymes in a poem rhyme scheme
musical quality in language produced by repetition; most obvious kind is produced by a meter rhythm
adjective or descriptive phrase that is regularly used to characterize a person, place, or thing epithet
a play beings “in the middle of things”; important events have already happened which impact all the events to come “in medea res”
the play begins with the _______________ said by the chorus prologue
Who says the prologue? chorus
The prologue tells us that the setting of the play is in _________. Verona
The prologue tells us that two powerful families are in a _____. feud
Romeo and Juliet begins with a _________. fight
appears to be obnoxious, angry and looking for a fight in the beginning of the story Tybalt
_____________ thinks Capulet is an old man when he asks for his sword. Lady Capulet
speech between two, three or more people dialogue
plural for exit; appears in stage directions exeunt
the __________ Tybalt: epithet used for Tybalt fiery
What are Capuelt’s 3 conditions to Paris about marrying his daughter? wait two years, get her to fall in love with you, she has to agree to it
term used when a nobleman addresses a servant sirrah
the servant speaks in _________ prose
Romeo is in love with __________ in the beginning of the story. Rosaline
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party? to see Rosaline
has a very loving, kind, and close relationship to Juliet Nurse
has a very formal relationship to Juliet Lady Capulet
Lady Capulet tells Juliet to study all of the features on Paris carefully when she compares him to a _________. book
people who wear a mask maskers
strong emotional feeling but you don’t even know the person infatuation
Who recognizes Romeo’s voice because he is a Montague at the party? Tybalt
What event does the Prologue foreshadow? the deaths of Romeo and Juliet
Abram and Balthasar, who appear in Act 1 Scene 1 are examples of _____ characters. flat
threatens Capulet and Montague with their lives if there are futhur disturbances Prince Escalus
Romeo is reluctant to go to the party because he has had a _________ of his death. premonition
Who acts as a dramatic foil of Tybalt in Act 1 Scene 5 because of his tolerance of the Montagues compared to Tybalt’s outrage? Capulet
Benvolio is a _______ character. round
Most of Shakespeare’s plays are written in ________. blank verse
How does Capulet react to Tybalt’s anger at the party? warns him that his anger may cause harm in the future
Romeo says his friends are making fun of him because they have never felt _______ like this. love
What does Juliet identify as her enemy in Act 2 Scene 2? the name Montague
Is Romeo willing to give up his name for Juliet? Yes
Juliet makes a mythological reference when she says that _____ laughs in Act 2 Scene 2. Jove
Juliet asks Romeo not to swear by the inconstant ________. moon
Juliet tells Romeo that if he needs to swear by something to swear by _______. yourself
Juliet is acting _________ when she tells Romeo what he must do to prove his love. impulsive
Who says: ” Parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say good night till it be morrow” Juliet
In the beginning of Act 2 Scene 3 Friar Laurence speaks in _________. (to make it sound more poetic) couplets
In Act 2 Scene 3 Friar Laurence says the Romeo’s just as all young love is ________. fickle
Why will the Friar assist Romeo? he believes that the marriage could bring the feud between the two families to an end
foils to each other because one is young and male while the other is old and female Mercutio and the Nurse
In the beginning of Act 2 Scene 5 _________ is very anxious and eager for the Nurse to return. Juliet
Does Friar Laurence allow Romeo and Juliet to be alone at the end of Act 2? No
Romeo compares Juliet ot the sun and a bright angel in the _________ scene. (description) balcony
Friar Laurence says that people, just as _________, have both good and evil in their natures. plants
boor; clumspy, stupid fellow villain
Mercutio stands up for Romeo because he is acting like a ________. coward
Who says: “A plague a’ both your houses!” Mercutio
Tybalt kills __________. Mercutio
For what three ways is Mercutio’s death Romeo’s fault? the feud, Mercutio was defending Romeo’s honor, and Romeo got in the way
Who tells Romeo to run away after Mercutio killed Tybalt? Benvolio
Who kills Tybalt? Romeo
Who says: “O, I am fortune’s fool!” Romeo
When Romeo says he is “Fortune’s Fool”, he is blaming everything that happened on _______. fate
Who does the Prince ask who began this bloody fray? Benvolio
Does Benvolio tell the truth about the fighting when the Prince asks him? Yes
Lady Capulet wants ________ on Romeo after he killed Tybalt. revenge
Who does Juliet at first think is dead because of the Nurse’s words? Romeo
Juliet says that Romeo’s banishment is worse than 10,000 ________. dead Tybalts
The Friar calls Romeo a _______ in Act 3 Scene 3 meaning he is insane or crazy. madman
Who snatches the dagger away when Romeo offers to stab himself in Act 3 Scene 3? Nurse
For what three reasons should Romeo be happy according to the Friar? Juliet is alive and loves him, Tybalt is dead instead of Romeo, and Romeo is banished not executed
When does Lord Capulet originally schedule the wedding between Paris and Juliet? Thursday
Who says: “I would the fool were married to her grave!” Lady Capulet
Juliet will never confide in the Nurse again after she tells her to marry ________. Paris
When the Nurse tells Juliet to marry Paris, her new motivation is ___________. self-preservation
considered a mortal sin; kill oneself suicide
signal the arrival of morning larks
mean it is still night nightingales
For what reason does Lady Capulet believe that Juliet weeps? Tybalt’s death
Who says: “And from my soul too; else beshrew them both” Nurse
Who is usually more quarelsome: Mercutio or Benvolio? Mercutio
What emotion is Juliet feeling when she says “O serpent heart” to start her monologue about Tybalt’s death by Romeo’s hand? confusion
Who says: “Tis torture, and not mercy” referring to banishment? Romeo
Capulet is furious at Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris because of her __________. disobediance
Why does Juliet go to the Friar’s cell at the end of Act III? to seek his advice
When Paris thinks the reason Juliet weeps is because of Tybalt’s death but the audience knows it is becaue of Romeo’s banishment is a good example of _____________ dramatic irony
When Juliet drinks the potion, she will appear dead for ____ hours. 42
The Friar will send a _________ to Romeo to inform him of the plan. letter
In Act 4 Scene 2, Juliet repents her sin of _________________ to her father. disobediant opposition
When Juliet is preparing to take the potion, the Nurse and Lady Capulet think she is preparing for the ___________. wedding
In Act 4 Scene 3, why must Juliet be alone? to drink the potion
What three fears does Juliet contemplate before she takes the potion? potion will not work at all, the Friar has made a poison rather than a potion, and that she will awake before Romeo comes to rescue her from the tomb
Capulet moves the wedding foward one day to ___________. Wednesday
Who says: “Dead lies on her like an untimely frostUpon the sweetest flower of all the field.” Capulet
Lord and Lady Capulet are ____________ by Juliet’s “death”. devastated
When the Friar says “Peace, ho, for shame” after Juliet’s “death”, he is asking the family why they are mourning if Juliet is in __________. heaven
In the oppening sililoquy of Act 5, Romeo’s dream that Juliet came to him in his tomb and her kiss brought him back to life is an example of ___________. foreshadowing
Who informs Romeo of Juliet’s “death”? Balthasar
Romeo gets the poison from __________. Apothecary
The Apothecary is so ________ that he is willing to violate the law of Mantua just for money. poor
The Apothecary says the poison is so strong that it would kill ___________. twenty men
What does Romeo say is a “worse poison to men’s souls”? money
Who is supposed to deliver Friar Laurence’s letter to Romeo? Friar John
The health officers in Verona feared that Friar John and his companion had been exposed to the ________. plague
Friar Laurence’s promised remedy foreshadows________’s death. Juliet
Which word best describes Friar Laurence’s role in dealing with Juliet: judge, enemy, counselor, or ally counselor
What is responsible for Juliet’s modesty during her meeting with Paris? her love for Romeo
Act 5 Scene 3 begins with _________at the tomb. Paris
Romeo tells Balthasar that he must take a precious _____ from Juliet’s finger. ring
Balthasar tells the audience that he fears Romeo’s intent is no good and will therefore hide near the tomb in an _______ to the audience. aside
According to Paris, what was the cause of Juliet’s death? grief of Tybalt’s murder
According to Paris, why is Romeo at Juliet’s tomb? desecrate the graves of Juliet and Tybalt and do some “villainous shame” to the bodies
____________ kills Paris. Romeo
Does Romeo realize who Paris is before he kills him? No
After Romeo has killed Paris, he remembers that _________ told him that Paris was going to marry Juliet. Balthasar
Rather than being rational and questioning Juliet’s appearance in the tomb, Romeo thinks that Death inself is preserving Juliet’s beauty so that she can be ___________. Death’s lover
How will Tybalt’s death be avenged? the death of Romeo
What does Romeo ask of Tybalt at the tomb? forgiveness
How much time has passed between the death of Romeo and the arrival of Friar Laurence at the tomb? 30 minutes
Who says: “I’ll dispose of thee Among a sisterhood of holy nuns.” Friar Laurence
When Juliet awakes at the tomb, the Friar acts out of ____________. self-preservation
Friar Laurence abandons Juliet at the tomb becaue of his _______. fear
Juliet kills herself with __________. Romeo’s dagger
Who says: “This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.” Juliet
Who has died in grief of her son’s banishment? Lady Montague
Does the Friar tell the truth when everyone arrives at the tomb? Yes
Balthasar has a ________ from Romeo to his father at the tomb. letter
Does Romeo’s letter to his father confirm the Friar’s account of the events? Yes
What two kinsman has the Prince lost? Paris and Mercutio
Who says: “All are punished.” Prince
Montague will build a ________of Juliet and Capulet will build one of Romeo gold statue
Who speaks the final lines of the play? Prince
Who says: “For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Prince
One important idea of Act V concerns the ________ of money. evils
Which of Romeo’s character traits contributes to his downfall? impulsiveness
first collected edition of Shakespeare first folio
first folio book ever published in England that was devoted exclusively to plays first folio
The First Folio of _____ (What year?) 1623
When and where was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564 in Stratford on Avon
When and where did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616 in Stratford on Avon
Who did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
How old was Shakespeare when he was married? 18
How old was Anne Hathaway when she married Shakespeare? 26
3 names of Shakespeare’s children Susanna, Judith and Hamnet
In the late 1580’s to early 1590’s, Shakespeare moved to _________. London
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37
Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, All’s Well That Ends Well and The Taming of the Shrew are exapmles of what genre comedies
Richard II and Richard III are examples of what genre histories
Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, King Lear and Othello are examples of what genre tragedies
What 3 things are “in media res” in Romeo and Juliet? Romeo is in “love”, the feud and Paris wants to marry Juliet
What is always perfect in Shakespeare? disguise
Romeo and Juliet experience _____ at first sight. love
person who mixes and sells medicinal drugs apothecary
character(s) that speaks the prologue and epilogue chorus
approximately 1558 A.D. to 1603 A.D. when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England Elizabethan Age
to banish or force out from one’s home or country exile
fortune (bad or good); destiny fate
male member of a Catholic religious order who performs ceremonies and services friar
in the Middle Ages, a woman who cared for all the physical and emotional needs of a noble child from birth to adulthood nurse
approximately 1300 A.D. to 1650 A.D. in Europe; marked by the rebirth of the arts, sciences, and education: politics stabilized; foreign trade and travel increased Renaissance
destined for bad fortune; born during unfavorable astrological signs star-crossed
Romeo’s page Balthasar
Romeo’s cousin Benvolio
relative of the Prince; Romeo’s best friend Mercutio
Romeo’s confessor Friar Laurence
the Nurse’s servant Peter
Juliet’s cousin Tybalt
Shakespeare invented more __________ than anyone else. words
When and where did the English first settle in the New World? 1584 in Roanoke
Tangier Island is an example of a _______________. “language fossil”
a distinct version of the language dialect
From what two languages did Old English come? Angles and Saxons
What was the official language in England between 1066 and approximately 1200? French
What language ultimately succeeded Old English? Middle English
In 1476, William Caxton inveted the first ________________. printing press
What kind of English should be used in business, schools, and communication? Standard American English (SAE)
2 names for the acting company to which Shakespeare belonged to Lord Chamberlain’s Men and King’s Men
In what time frame did Shakespeare write Romeo and Juliet? 1594-1596
Shakespeare retired in ______. (year) 1612
Shakespeare is buried under the old stone floor in the chancel of the _____________ in Stratford. Holy Trinity Church
Who built the first permanent theater in England and when was it built? James Burbage in 1576
What was James Burbage’s first permanent theater in England called? The Theater
On what was the shape and form of the theater based? courtyards
What was the name of the theater where most of Shakespeare’s plays were produced? the Globe Theater
The Globe Theater was built in _______. (year) 1599
What did Shakespeare call his theater in the play Henry V? a “wooden o”
The plays were performed during the ____________. (time of the day) afternoon
The stage was “set” by the __________ in Shakespeare’s plays. language
What were the people called who stood during the plays? groundlings
Who felt that plays were not respectable? English Puritans
Who played the parts of women? boys
The predominate medium of the theater is _________. words
Shakespeare: 8,000 words total; created by committe; even greater than the First Folio King James Bible
________ were often elaborate and the stage might be hung with colorful banners and trappings. costumes
servants of Capulet Sampson and Gregory
Verona and Mantua are cities in northern __________. Italy
king who in 1660 expressed order to allow women on the English stage King Charles II
True or False: The young lovers in Shakespeare’s play would have avoided physical contact. True
The most popular of Shakespeare’s plays with forty-seven film versions as of 1996 Hamlet
director of the film Romeo and Juliet of 1968: the one we watched in class Franco Zeffirelli
True or False: Zeffirelli retained all of Shakespeare’s lines in Romeo and Juliet False

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