Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare and Act 1 Study Guide

Stratford-upon-Avon, England Shakespeare was born in what town and country?
1564, 1616 Shakespeare was born in _______ and died in _______.
Ana Hathaway Shakespeare married ______ _____________________
1. The main religion was Protestant Christian, 2. Women still had much less rights and had much more restrictions, 3. Queen Elizabeth was never married nor had children. 3 things about Elizabethan England.
The Globe Name of Shakespeare’s theater.
1. It was an open, circular theater, 2. Shakespeare’s theater was built using the wood from The Theater, an earlier theater. 2 things about the way Shakespeare’s theater was built.
groundlings People who pay one penny to get into the theater were called _____________________.
women During the Renaissance period, it was morally unacceptable for ____________ to appear on stage.
The all share the same characteristics and feelings as everyone else. How are Shakespeare’s characters like all people?
1. a Shakespearean sonnet has 14 lines, 2. is written in iambic pentameter, 3. the last word of every other line rhymes. Describe three qualities of a Shakespearean sonnet:
Verona, Italy Where is the play Romeo and Juliet set?
The line means that the Montagues and Capulets had a feud for a very long time. Explain the line, “From ancient grudge break to new mutiny.”
Romeo and Juliet. The phrase “star crossed” means a relationship that is destined to fail. Who are the “star crossed” lovers. Explain the meaning of the phrase “star crossed.”
2 hours long How long, according to the prologue, does the play last?
The Montagues and Capulets that are fighting would get punished with death. What will happen “if ever” the peace of Verona’s streets is disturbed again?
Heartbroken, sad Describe Romeo when the audience first meets him.
Benvolio is calm and wants to prevent any conflicts, Tybalt is hot-headed and reckless How are Benvolio and Tybalt different from one another?
Lady Capulet’s relationship with Juliet isn’t so great. The Nurse nurtured Juliet for a long time and has a great bon with her. Explain the difference between Lady Capulet’s relationship with Juliet and the relationship between Juliet and the nurse.
He does not want anyone to marry Juliet without her consent. Why is Lord Capulet hesitant to give Paris his blessing to marry Juliet?
They were flirting. Explain the conversation between Romeo and Juliet in scene 5.
He notices that Romeo, a Montague, is at a Capulet party. Why is Tybalt angry in scene 5?

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