Romeo and Juliet: Semester Final

What genre is Romeo and Juliet categorized in? Tragic comedy
What are two re-accuring themes in Romeo and Juliet? Light and dark, love and death
Define anti-stratfordian Someone who does not believe that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare plays
Define stratfordian Someone who believes that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare plays
Define gentry The English upper class ranking just below the nobility
Define posthumous Happening after the death of a person
Define troupe Traveling group of actors, singers, and dancers
Character traits of choleric people decisive, hot headed, easily angered
Character traits of melancholic people prone to thoughtfulness, sadness, or depression
Character traits of phlegmatic people calm, slow, unemotional
Character traits of sanguine people confident, optimistic, passionate
According to medieval physcology, why would someone be choleric? Doctors believed that yellow bile in the liver explained why people were choleric.
According to medieval physcology, why would someone be phlegmatic? Doctors believed that phlegm in the gall-bladder explained why people were phlegmatic.
According to medieval physcology, why would someone be melancholy? Doctors believed that too much black bile in the body was the cause of depression/why people were melancholy.
According to medieval physcology, why would someone be sanguine? Doctors believed that blood and the spleen had something to do with why people were sanguine.
Define motif Re-accuring theme in a story
Define normative Relating to a standard or normal behavior
Define oxymoron A combination of words that contradict each other for effect. Ex: loud silence
Define paradox A statement that appears to contradict itself Ex: I love you but I hate you
Define astrologer Someone who studies the moon, sun and planets
Define changeling A baby or child switched with another by fairies
Define mundane Everyday, common, of this world
Define theology Religious theory, a theory of belief
Define objectify To reduce a complex person to a simple object
Define unattainable Impossible to reach
Define blank verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter
Define contrived Unconvincing, intended to look authentic but actually planned
Define despondency State of being very unhappy
Define melodrama Displaying exaggerated emotions and language
Define confidant A trusted person
Who are Romeo and Juliet’s confidants? Romeo’s confidant is Friar Lawrence and Juliet’s confidant is the nurse.
Define metaphysical Relating to the abstract study of the nature of being
Define ominous Threatening or suggestive of something bad about to happen
What are 3 character traits that Juliet possesses? Young, intelligent, witty
What are 3 character traits that Romeo possesses? Young, melancholy, brave
Define dramatic irony The audience knows something but the characters do not
Define foreshadowing Clues or hints of something that is about to happen
What is the difference between dramatic irony and foreshadowing? The difference between dramatic irony and foreshadowing is that with dramatic irony you as the audience know that something is about to happen but the characters in the story still do not and with foreshadowing, you nor the characters know what is about to come, you are only given subtle hints through out the story of what is to come.
Define allusion A reference to well known people, places, myths, or literature.
Why do writers use allusions in their stories? They use allusions to add big complex ideas into the story without having to explain it.
Define epitome A typical example of a type, class, or characteristic
Define status quo The state of affairs that currently exist
Define disenfranchise To deprive a person of legal rights/protection
Define fickle Inconsistent, likely to change or reverse
What does Juliet threaten to do if she is forced to marry Paris? She threatens to kill herself.
Define hyperbole An obvious exaggeration used to make a point
Define apathy Emotional emptiness
Define continuum A link between two or more things
Define cynical Sarcastic/distrustful of human nature
Define disparate Very different, incomparable
What happens to the Friar that was supposed to deliver the message to Romeo about Juliet? He was quarantined.
Explain the death scene in Act V. What went wrong? Juliet was to take a potion that would make her appear dead to everyone and then her and Romeo would be together in secrecy, but Romeo did not get the message and he thought that Juliet was really dead. Upon seeing this, Romeo then takes a potion that kills him. Juliet wakes up and finds that Romeo had died. Devastated by this information, Juliet takes Romeo’s dagger and kills herself.
Define reconciliation The ending of a conflict
Define temperance Moderation, restraint, and self control
What happens between Paris and Romeo in Act V? Romeo and Paris sword fight and Romeo ends up stabbing Paris, killing him. Paris asks to be placed by Juliet as he is dying and Romeo consents.
Describe the Capulets in 3 words. Gentry, selfish, protective
Who all dies in this play? Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris.
What do YOU think the moral of this play is? I believe that the moral of the story is never give up on the things you love.
Define comedy A dramatic or literary work in which adversity is overcome and events come to a happy conclusion
Who starts the fight that gets Romeo banished from Verona? Mercutio initially starts the fight because Tybalt is challenging Romeo.

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