Romeo and Juliet SAT vocab Act ii

Entreaty A plea, an earnest request, appeal; V. the act of appealing or earnestly requesting
Utter V. to express by speaking, to speak, emit, pronounce; N. something spoken or pronounced
Idolatry N. worship of idols, excessive devotion, obsession, mania
repose V. to lie or to be at rest; N. the state of being at rest, absence of movement, calm, pacefulness
air V. to make a public utterance, to verbalize or speak; adj. Something that verbalizes or speaks
baleful adj. destructive, deadly, malign, sinister, harmful
intercede V. to intervene and to act as a mediator, to arbitrate or interpose; N. the act of intervening or mediating
forsake V. to quit or to leave entirely, to depart or to withdraw from; leave, desert, abandon, adj. something that has been deserted or abandoned
chide V. to voice disapproval, to scold, admonish, chasten, chastise
rancor n. bitter deep-seated ill will, enmity, animosity, or antagonism

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