Romeo and Juliet Review Worksheet

Shakespeare’s birth place Stratford on Avenue
wrote Romeo and Juliet in what year? 1590’s
Other than being a writer, Shakespeare was also a ________ writer, actor, theater owner, director
Audiences were from which class(es)? all classes
Who played parts of women? played by boys
What kind of stage equipment was used? simple, few props, costumes
Name of Shakespeare’s theatre? Globe Theatre
What is a prologue? intro scene before play or acts
What is a monologue? long speech by 1 character to others
What is a soliloquy? long speech by 1 character to himself
What is an aside? remark in an undertone that others pretend not to hear
What is a tragedy? story that ends in disaster/ death
What is a stage directions? manuel for actors; info about props and movement
What is a theme? message of the story
How old is Juliet? 13 years old
How many days are covered in the play? 4 days
What does Benvolio’s name mean? “good will,” peacemaker
What’s the punishment for breaking the peace? death
Who does Romeo want to meet at the Capulet ball? Rosaline
Who recognizes Romeo at the ball? Tybalt (by his voice)
Who prevents a fight at the ball? Lord Capulet
Who hates a person’s name, but not the person? Juliet (to Romeo because he is a montague)
How does Romeo find out that Juliet loves him? overhears in balcony scene
When does Romeo declare his love for Juliet? at the capulet ball, love at 1st sight
What does the nurse pick up behind the abbey wall? rope ladder
What does Juliet have delivered to Romeo? ring
With whom does Romeo spend time before he goes into exile? Juliet
Who helps Romeo and Juliet because they want to commit suicide? Friar Laurence
Who finds Juliet in her bed, “dead”? Nurse
How does Romeo find out that Juliet is “dead”? Balthasar
What does Paris bring to the graveyard? flowers
List some bad signs and bad news that Friar Laurence gets in the graveyard before he discovers the tragedy: light, Romeo has been there for 30min, blood, swords, 2 bodies
Before she stabs herself, how does Juliet try to kill herself? tries to kiss poison off Romeo’s lips
Who is Friar John? friend of Friar Laurence who didn’t deliver the letter
Who is Balthasar? Romeo’s servant
What is a major conflict in the play? families’ hatred
Who may be the villain of the play? Tybalt

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