Romeo and Juliet Review

Author William Shakespeare
Genre Drama
Setting Verona, Italy in the 14th Century
Abram Montague’s servant; fights with Sampson and Gregory in the first scene, used to show that even fights broke out between servants
Balthasar Romeo’s servant, helps him arrange his suicide
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin and thoughtful friend; benevolent, tries to break up the fights between the Montague’s and Capulet’s
Friar John In charge of delivering the letter of Juliet’s false death to Romeo, he fails
Friar Lawrence Marries Romeo and Juliet because he believes their marriage will end the Montague-Capulet feud
Juliet The only-child of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet; in love with Romeo; is forced to marry Paris; fakes her own death;
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother, very eager to get Juliet married to Paris; wife of Lord Capulet
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother; ends up dying because Romeo was exiled from Verona
Lord Capulet father of Juliet; forces Juliet to get married to Paris, hates Montagues
Lord Montague father of Romeo; hates the Capulets
Mercutio Romeo’s close friend, ugly, weird, talkative, makes fun of everything
Nurse Juliet’s close and faithful friend who serves as a messenger between her and Romeo
Paris the suitor of Juliet that Capulet wanted, not Juliet
Romeo son of Montage and Lady Montague; in love with Juliet, kills himself because it appears as if she is dead
Rosaline the girl Romeo is in love with at the beginning of the play
Sampson & Gregory the two servants of the Capulet household who try to provoke a fight with some Montague servants
The Apothecary the pharmacist who sells Romeo the poison
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin who is killed by Romeo; aggressive
Conflict The House of Montague’s and the House of Capulet’s have hated each other for so long they don’t remember what started it
Conflict Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet but they love each other
Conflict Juliet is forced to marry Paris
Conflict Romeo killed Tybalt after Tybalt killed Mercutio so Romeo got exiled from Verona
Theme: Fate There are some forces in life over which people have no control
Theme: Hostility Revenge can destroy both the attacker and the victim
Theme: Tragedy Wisdom and knowledge can be gained from a tragic experience
Symbol: Light Symbolizes that Romeo is in a happy mood – there is more of this symbolism toward the middle of the play
Symbol: Darkness Symbolizes that Romeo is in a bad mood – there is a lot of this symbolism in the beginning and end of the play

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