Romeo and Juliet Reading Guide: Act 2

In the Capulet Orchard. In scene 1, Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo, who is avoiding them. Where does Romeo hide himself?
A soliloquy is when an actor speaks his/her thoughts aloud when he/she is alone on stage. We see this when Juliet is confessing her love for Romeo on her balcony. What is a soliloquy and how is it used in scene 2?
“Why must you be a Montague. If you do not change your name then I will. “Montague” is just a name. I will love him no matter what his name is”. A name is just a name and Juliet will love him as long as he loves her back. Not realizing that Romeo is listening, Juliet declares her love for him. In your own words, summarize what Juliet says in scene 2 lines 33-48.
Juliet asks Romeo to meet her and if his love is true, marry her. They will meet at 9 o’clock. In scene 2 lines 142-148 what does Juliet ask Romeo to do?
He hopes that it will end the feud between the two households and bring love. In scene 3, Romeo tell Friar Laurence of his love for Juliet. What hope does Friar express in lines 90-92?
Tybalt has sent Romeo a letter to challenge him and fight him. Scene 4 opens with a conversation between Benvolio and Mercutio. What piece of bad news do we learn in this conversation?
Romeo must bring a roped ladder for the wedding night. What is the important message for Juliet that Romeo tells the Nurse in scene 4?
Three hours. How long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to return with the news from Romeo?
She won’t tell Juliet what he said. She keeps talking about her “aching bones”. Scene 5 provides some comedy. What is funny about the way the Nurse tells Juliet Romeo’s message?
“You need to slow down, for if you do not you might stumble”. If you don’t slow down then something bad could go happen. In your own words tell what warning Friar Laurence gives Romeo in lines 9-15 in scene 6.
Romeo and Juliet are about to get married. At the end of Act 2, what important action is about to take place?

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