Romeo and Juliet Quotes – Fate vs Freewill

Juliet “Juliet, the county stays” (1,3)
Romeo “By some vile for felt of untimely death” (1,4)
Lord Capulet “Death is my heir” (4,5)
Lady Capulet “Tis now near night” (4,3)
Nurse “Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days” (1,3)
Tybalt “I’ll not endure him” (1,5)
Friar Lawrence “O Juliet, I already know thy grief, it strains me past the compass of my wits” (4,1)
Lord & Lady Montague “But he, his own affections’ counsellor is to himself” (1,1)
Benvolio “And the rank poison of the old will die” (1,2)
Mercutio “Yea, is the worst well?” (2,4)
Paris “What say you to my suit?” (1,2)
Prince “To know our further pleasure” (1,1)

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