Romeo and Juliet quote analysis -copied-

Ere we think her ripe to be a bride inclusive pronoun we is ironic given Juliet is missing, women had little say in who they married, marriage as for convince or family cooperation not individual
thy tears are womanish adjective womanish shows how cringe was considered woman-like and weak, men not to show emotion
thy beauty hath made me effeminate…softened valour’s steel metaphor suggested Romeo believes his love for Juliet has diminished his strength, swords made of steel in Elizabethan England, swords used to defend honour, with felinity came loss of power
am I the master here, or you? capulet asks tybalt rhetorical question, tablet out of line and undermining his authority, power lies in generation
thy face is mine, and thou hast slandered it possessive pronoun mine, paris regards Juliet as his, reminds audience of Juliet’s vulnerable position as property, patriarchal society, Juliet’s emotions under control of husband, may explain Lady capulet’s cold appearance, subject to many years under restraint of marriage
speak not, reply not, do not answer me!/ my finger itch metaphor refers to something irritable and uncontrollable, violence to control women not uncommon in EE, yet audience cares for Juliet, imperatives show capulet trying to regain authority
give me a case to put my visage in mercutio needs a mask to enter the ball of his enemy, customary for uninvited guests to come masked and perform an act, symbolic showing Romeo is hiding identity from Juliet, tragedy may have been avoided if she knew his identity, ironically you can still see their eyes so can see their souls, imperatives
I am ever ruled by you Juliet asks her father’s forgiveness, confirmed contemporary audience belief women are owned by father (the their husbands), sentence starts with first person pronoun I which foreshadows future disobedience, highlights irony of phrase given she has a plan underway
dove-feathered raven, wolfish-ravening lamb oxymorons show Juliet feels betrayed and deceived by Romeo when he kills tybalt (her cousin), metaphor, he was hiding true identity,tricked her into falling for him, married a murdered not the hero he pretended to be, Romeo preyed on Juliet like a wolf, greek mythology evens were a sign of bad luck foreshadowing fate and downfall
unhappy fortune echoes romeo (fortunes fool), dialect shows desperation, blames fate, accusation moves blame of friar and other people onto fate, belief humans have np freewill, oxymoron foreshadows ending, blames fate not the family, EE no freewill, lives were predestined
O I am fortunes fool metaphor with antithesis, fortunate to have married Juliet, fool for killing tybalt, fortunate to be alive, fate has been particularly cruel considering his probable death under the Prince’s declaration, cataphoric reference, fortunate to have loved Juliet but a fool for killing himself when she was sleeping, unmistakeable reiteration of prologue
star-crossed lovers metaphor, familiar to EE, stars part of chain of being, stars out of place caused chaos, stars changed means fate was changed, Romeo and Juliet become fated lovers, magic destiny, bas luck to modern audience
Love is a smoke made with the fumes of sighs metaphor compares love to smoke which blinds and stings the eyes (tears), likening breath of sighing to smoke on a cold day, a day without one’s lover, courtly love, language is rehearsed and romanticise love, learnt more from a book than real life
if love be rough with you be rough with love. prick love for pricking and you beat love down mercutio uses pun to advise Romeo, prick is Alan term for sex, to get over Rosaline Romeo should have sex with someone else, love is flimsy to young men, lust not emotion, love is something to beat down, bad
o doth she teach to torches to burn bright alliteration, extreme passion, metaphorical light imagery, Juliet is light of his love, unlike anything he has seen before, special
young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes friar mocks romeo for sudden change, inclusive noun phrase suggests whole generation, live as what they feel when they see a woman (lust not love)
my lips, two blushing pilgrims personification combining religious and body part semantic fields, juxtaposes spiritual and physical connection, concrete noun lips shows reality, religion shows purity and depth, resonated with religious EE
wisely and slow. they stumble that run fast friar warns Romeo that his love is unadvised, EE ideology values restraint, driven by emotion is sinful, verb stumbled could represent mistake that leads to their deaths, advice is ironic considering friar marries them, EE frowned upon to not live with moderation, Romeo’s death was inevitable
my only love sprung from my only hate anthesis/ juxtaposition shows confusion, how can you experience both emotions at once, brought up in the rivalry, family feud ran deep, family feuds common in EE, strong emotions love and hate not that different, greek goddess of love fell in love with goddess of war, foreshadows conflict
from ancient grudge break to new mutiny cause of feud never explained, adjective ancient could mean long before current family or just previous (recent), the streetlight is a mutiny against the Prince, Romeo and Juliet mutiny against their parents, feuds common in EE
civil blood makes civil hands unclean adjective civil implies unity within any political community, civil hands implies behaviour of the citizens required to keep peace, literally mean s bloodstains and metaphorically means Verona has been disrupted
for Mercutio’s soul romeo doesn’t want to fight, mercutio slain by tybalt, slate on his honour, revenge in the name of his friend, risks life under Prince’s rule shows depth of relationship, celestial language suggest duty
poison hath both residence and medicine power friar holds flower which can heal or harm, links to capacity of people to do the same, audience thinks of consequences of family’s actions, juxtaposition shows inner conflict over loyalties to family or Romeo
I am the drudge and toil in your delight drudge is a worker who performs dull or laborious d=tasks, nurse acts like a mum, willingness like agape love of mother, metaphor highlights irony of situation as employee, bond shown through awareness of delights, common in EE for children to be brought up by wet nurse
and be you not, hang, beg, starve, die on the streets strong emotive imperatives threaten violence, patriarchal society, daughters inferior to fathers like possessions, disobedient daughter is worthless, dire consequences to going against social normalities of obedience, abundance of punctuation shows rage, short words break iambic pentameter to create punchy rhythm, quick tempered contributed to feud’s origins
I have done with thee angry and disappointed in Juliet’s disagreement, negative sentence form highlights inability or choice not to get involved, as a woman it would be disobedient
she is the hopeful lady of my earth metaphor, his only heir and only chance to continue family, possessive pronoun my as property, very protective or her future prospects, positiveness juxtaposes later

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