Romeo and Juliet Quizzers Act 1

Prince Escalus is furious with all of this disruption from the feuding families. How many times have such fights recently caused havoc in the streets? Three
Romeo’s in love with Rosaline, a girl who has decided to become a nun. He says he tried many different things to woo the girl, but she rejected him. Name two of the three things Romeo says he tried, but that failed to make a good impression with Rosaline. Sweet talk (“the siege of loving terms”), lingering eye contact (“th’ encounter of assailing eyes”), and small gifts of gold/jewelry.
Early in the morning, Benvolio spotted Romeo. Where was Romeo and what was he doing? He was walking along the edge of the woods. He was alone and feeling sorry for himself.When he spotted Benvolio, he slipped into the woods because, Benvolio says, it seems he wanted to be alone.
How old is Juliet? 13
Why is the Capulet servant the wrong man for the job of delivering the party invitations? He can’t read, so he’s unable to decipher the names on the list.
Benvolio suggests that he and Romeo crash the Capulets’ party so that Romeo can find some other girl even prettier/better than Rosaline. Romeo is skeptical that such a girl exists. If Benvolio is right, though, and Romeo does find an even more beautiful girl, what does Romeo say he wants to have happen to his eyes? He wants his tears to turn into fire and burn out his eyeballs.
Who was Susan? The Nurse’s infant daughter. She was born around the same time as Juliet, but died.
Paris has decided to court Juliet. What is the Nurse’s opinion of Paris? Very favorable. She says he’s a “man of wax,” meaning the perfect model of masculinity.
According to Lady Capulet, if a man is a story, what is his wife? The cover of the book
According to Romeo’s best friend Mercutio, who is Queen Mab and what does she do? She is a fairy queen who plants dreams in our heads and messes up our hair while we sleep.
Romeo believes that our dreams hold clues about our future. Which of his friends holds the opposite view, that dreams are just meaningless mumbo-jumbo? Mercutio
At the end of the scene, Romeo tells Benvolio he had a strange dream/vision. Describe the dream. Romeo says he has a foreboding sense that something at tonight’s party will start the wheels in motion that will lead to his untimely death. Still, he doesn’t resist. Fate will direct his sail, he says
Tybalt spots Romeo at the party and wants to have him kicked out. Lord Capulet refuses to do so. Name the two reasons why Capulet decides to let Romeo stay. First, Romeo has a good reputation in town; Capulet knows that Romeo’s not a troublemaker. Second, such a scene would ruin the spirit of the party. Capulet doesn’t want the drama. Tybalt, of course, isn’t happy about this answer.
In what way is kissing like praying? In prayer, two hands press together, while in kissing, two lips press together. Romeo’s smooth talk is trying to get a good, proper girl like Juliet permission to make-out a little bit.
Who finds out first that they have fallen for an enemy – Romeo or Juliet? Romeo

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