Romeo and Juliet Quiz Act 4

Quinces Fruit
Trim decorate, beautify
aqua-vitae intense spirits [latin]
lamentable wretched, woeful
Martyr’d- abused, punished
confusions chaos
dirges sad songs played at funerals
Pestilent extremely offensive, dreadful
orisons prayers
receptacle place for discarding the unwantedor those who have passed away
mandrake a plant from whose root was saidto look like the human form; if the rood waspulled from the ground it was believed to causemadness or death
List three things Juliet is willing to do “…without fear or doubt”…rather than marry Paris? She would rather leap from a tower, become a thief , or even chain herself up with roaring bears.
What plan does the Friar set out? The Friar made a plan to tell Juliet’s parents that she will marry Paris. After that, Juliet will fake her death with a potion and go off to be with Romeo.
If the potion does not work, what is Juliet’s plan? Juliet’s second plan is to kill herself if the plan fails.
Juliet is a little fearful and a little suspicious. What suspicion about the Friar does she voice? She is worried that the Friar actually used real poison; therefore it will kill her. She wonders if it is to save his own shame, because he would have to marry her twice, it would ruin his reputation and beliefs.
What is the literary term for Juliet’s speech in this scene? soliloquy- the act of saying one’s thoughts out loud

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