Romeo and Juliet questions

If you were Romeo and Juliet would you pursue a relationship Yes because you love the other so much that you cant stand to be without them
What are some signs that the capulet and montague feud might be worked out peacefully? What obstacles are stopping from achieving this goal The calumets said that Romeo could stay at the dance
How does Romeo attitude change during the course if this act In the beginning he was sad now he is happy
What possible threats to Romeo and Juliet’s love already exist in act 1 That Juliet is a capulet and Romeo is a montague
How does Juliet’s comment when she sends her nurse to find out Romeo’s name echos back to the prologue She said that her on,y love is spring from her only hate
How does Shakespeare generate suspense in the first act By having people fight one another
Based on the prologue and other hints provided in the first act do you think will happen as the plot unfolds Romeo and Juliet will probably break the rules and be together
Do you think friar lawerence is right in agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet Yes, because it is true lover and he was doing the right thing
Why does Juliet cry out ” o Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo” Because she wants him to be a capulet and not a montague
Hat doubts and fears does Juliet express even as she realizes that Romeo loves he r That she is a capulet
What would you do if you were in Romeo or Juliet situation I would leave the city with my love and avoid the death penalty
Trace the sequence of events that begins with tybalts insult and ends with tybalts death and romeos banishment Tybalts insults Romeo then tybalt and mercutio fight, mercutio died then tybalt comes back to challenge Romeo, then Romeo killed tybalt and Romeo gets banned from Verona
Describe the emotions Juliet feels when the nurse reports tybalts death and Romeos banishment Juliet was semi happy that tybalt was kill s because he was attacking Romeo and she wants Romeo to be safe
In his long speech to Romeo, friar lawerence mentions three things for which Romeo should consider himself fortunate what are they Juliet is alive, he has been banished but executed, and he didn’t die in his fight against tybalt
What decision concerning Paris and Juliet does lord capulet make in scene 4 He wants them to get married and Juliet does not like the idea at all
What advice does the nurse give Juliet at the end of scene 3 t The nurse wants Juliet to marry Paris Juliet doesn’t listen to the nurse
What does Romeo mean hen he says after killing tybalt I am fortunes fool He brought this luck on himself
Why didnt escalus sentence Romeo to death keeping with his speech in act 1 Because Romeo did what the law was going to do
As Romeo and Juliet are about to part how do their views differ about the future Romeo wants to die and Juliet wants to run away with Romeo
Explain why do you think Romeo and Juliet troubles do or do not primarily from fate There troubles result from fate because they are meant to be together
How should have Romeo acted in scene 1 He shouldn’t have fought tybalt and just ignored him
Up to this point the nurse has acted like a counselor for Juliet what qualities should a counselor have To be truthful and considerate of your emotions
Should Romeo and Juliet followed friar lawerences advice No because the whole situation is a huge mess
Describe friar lawerence plan for Juliet She will drink a potion that would make her look dead but she actually isn’t
What three fears rise up in Juliet just before she drinks the potion If the potion was poison, if it didn’t work, if it wore off and waking up in a tomb
What does Juliet soliloquy in scene 3 reveal about her personality She is willing to do anything for love
How’s Juliet’s character developed since the start of the play In the beginning she was shy now she is adventurous
Do you think Paris is worthy of Juliet No because Paris just wants to marry Juliet for the fame and power
Evaluate friar Lawrence’s plan? What do you think will be wrong with it I think that they are going to have a funeral and bury Juliet
Were you in any way surprised about the ending No because I already knew how this was going to end
At the start of scene 1 why is Romeo happy and expecting joyful news He was going to see Juliet
Why does friar go to Juliet’s tomb To check on her
What cause Paris and Romeo to fight Romeo being wed to Juliet
How do Romeo and Juliet die Romeo drinks poison and Juliet stabs herself
How does the relationship of the feuding families change at the end of the play They come together over sorrow
Why isn’t it surprising that friars scene fails Because using poison is always tricky

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