Romeo and Juliet Question Answers

What or who starts the brawl? Sampson bites his thumb toward the Montagues and a verbal confrontation occurs that later leads to a brawl
How does Benvolio get involved? What is Tybalt’s response? Benvolio tries to end the brawl by drawing his sword. Tybalt responds by drawing his sword and fighting
What background information does the Prince provide about the feuding families? There has been a family feud going on for a long time
Describe Tybalt’s personality? Agressive, Violent, Vain
What do Montague and Benvolio plan to do regarding Romeo? They are going to teach him how to forget his love
What is wrong with Romeo? He loves a girl but is unable to pursue and love her in the way he wants because she does not love him the same and has sworn to live a life of chastity
What is Benvolio’s solution? He is trying to tell Romeo to find other beauties and find other loves
What are Capulet and Paris talking about? Capulet and Paris are talking about Paris’s desire to marry Capulet’s daughter named Juliet
How old is Juliet Juliet is not even 14 yet
What is Capulet’s position on the subject of their conversation? What is his proposal to Paris? He tells Paris he needs to wait 2 years before marrying her, but can go to a dinner to wow her over and win her heart
How does Romeo get invited to the party? Peter invites Romeo to the party
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the party? Benvolio wants Romeo to go to the party to compare Rosaline with other beautiful women in Verona
What does Lady Capulet want? Lady Capulet wants to talk to Juliet about getting married
What does line 61 tell the reader about the relationship between Juliet and her nurse? The nurse and Juliet have a strong bond. It is a mother child type bond. It shows she played a very important motherly role in Juliet’s life
What is denied by the end of the scene? Juliet will “test” out Paris to see if she could love him. She will attempt to love Paris
How does Romeo’s mood contrast with his friends? Romeo is out of it and seems sad and annoyed, but his friends are excited and ready for the feast and party. Romeo is discussing how painful love is while the guys are excited to dance
What is Mercurio trying to do with Queen Mab speech? Mercutio uses this speech to make fun of Romeo and thinks Romeo can be joked out of this mood he is in
What evidence of foreshadowing is there in this scene? A negative consequence will start a bad thing in Romeo’s future. Going to the party will start something bad
Why does Tybalt wish to quarrel with Romeo? Romeo is a Montague and they are disliked in this area
What characteristics of Tybalt and his uncle are revealed by the discussion? Capulet is reasonable and clam, but Tybalt is hot headed and rash
Why won’t Capulet let Tybalt fight Romeo? Romeo is well regarded in Tybalt and he wants the youth and the party to see only peace
Summarize the imagery of Romeo’s speech when he first describes Juliet? Romeo describes Juliet by saying she is beautiful. She stands out. She is the light in a dark room. Her beauty is glimmering; Juliet is described by a variety of dark and light images
The Nurse has already established with her use of bawdy humor that she has a rather superficial view of love. What tells you more about the Nurse’s superficial views on love and marriage in lines 112-116 She believes the man should cherish the woman and that he should love her; Marriage to her is financial or making more money
How does Mercurio view love? Mercurio kind of treats love as it is just a joke. He really does not believe in love.
What is a soliloquy? An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play. Romeo describes Juliet’s beauty by comparing her to the sun, stars, and light.
How does Romeo learn of Juliet’s love for him? Romeo overhears Juliet talking about him to herself and how much he loves her
What does Romeo say helped him climb over the high walls of the Cauplet orchard and find Juliet’s window? He flew over the walls with his wings go love
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do the next day? Juliet will send a letter asking when and where the wedding will be
Why does Juliet ask Romeo not to swear by the moon? The moon is always changing
Why did the Friar object to Romeo’s love for Rosaline He did not believe it was true love. He thought Romeo was infatuated/obsessed with Rosaline, but not in love with her
Why does he object to Romeo’s love for Juliet He feels he is too hastily falling for Juliet. He does not want Romeo to replace Rosaline with Juliet
Why, despite these misgiving, does he agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He hopes the marriage could end the feud between the two families
What is happening with Tybalt? He has challenged Romeo to a duel
How is he described by Mercutio? Tough, courageous, a perfect fighter, and an excellent fencer
How is a new Romeo introduced to the audience in this scene? Jokester and one of the guys
What evidence is there that the Nurse is protective of Juliet? She tells Romeo the speech how you better treat my girl good. He better not trick Juliet
What is the rope ladder for? To climb over the walls to see Juliet
To what does Juliet attribute her Nurse’s tardiness? She’s slow due to her age and probably cannot find Romeo
What evidence is there to show that Nurse views love as only a physical thing? She only focuses on Romeo’s physical characteristics
What is the Friar’s prayer at the beginning of the scene? May God be happy with this marriage so no regret will happen afterwards
How many people know of the marriage? Who are they? 4; Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, and Friar Lawrence
Where does the marriage take place? Friar Lawrence’s cell or chapel
In what way is Mercutio responsible for his own death? He is looking for a fight with his language and what he is saying. He picked a fight with Tybalt; He liked sword fighting or fighting in general
Why does Romeo refuse Tybalt’s challenge? What logical explanation do the others believe He is marrying Juliet and he has to keep peace and love with his “family”.
What role does Romeo play in Mercurio’s death? Romeo tells Tybalt he loves him in front of Mercutio. This angers Mercutio and he draws his sword and violence outbreaks between Tybalt and Mercutio
Who does Romeo blame indirectly for Mercurio’s death? Explain his reasoning Romeo and Tybalt because Romeo’s love has made him softer and Tybalt did strike the sword that killed Mercutio
What is Romeo’s punishment for the murder? Exiled from Verona
Why does Juliet wish darkness to come? That is when Romeo comes and no one knows of their talking. She wants to lose her virginity to her husband, Romeo
The Nurse’s inability to deliver a clear message gives Juliet some agonizing moments. What incorrect assumptions does Juliet make? Romeo has died and Romeo is a liar
Why is Juliet so upset with the Prince’s judgment? That is like infinite death for her because visits could end; she would rather die than be without him
How is the Nurse able to comfort her? She will go find and bring Romeo to her
Why is Romeo so upset with the Prince’s judgment Being banished from Verona is like being banished from his world and he cannot see Juliet
Describe how the Friar feels about Romeo at this point. What advice does he give him? He feels that Romeo should be grateful for the punishment he was given. Religion will comfort you. He advises to leave Verona and wait until the family feud is over, and then beg pardon of the prince and start your life again
Why would Capulet be so confident that Juliet will obey him and marry Paris? She has never been disobedient before so he thinks she will obey him this time again. He thinks Juliet will do whatever he says
Why would Capulet want to move the wedding to Thursday? He thinks that Wednesday is too soon due to Tybalt’s death and marrying Paris will help her grief and sadness
Why does it matter which bird is chirping outside the window? A nightingale is out at night, and a lark means dawn so that determines when Romeo leaves Juliet for the day
When Juliet and Romeo finally say good-bye, what other scene does this parallel Balcony Scene
In lines 88-107, Juliet and her mother converse. What is interesting about their conversation? Juliet is agreeing with her mother about how bad Romeo is, but in actuality, she loves Romeo
Why is Capulet so upset by his daughter’s refusal to marry? What reprisal (punishment) does he threaten? He thinks she is ungrateful for this suitable match he has made. He will not talk or look at her and would not care if she died
What is the Dramatic Irony of this scene’s opening? Friar Lawrence and the audience know about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage, but Paris does not
According to Paris, why has Capulet decided to move up the wedding Juliet is grieven over Tybalt so he wants to cheer he up
How does Juliet show great self-control in this scene She does not make a huge conflict by saying she is not sure about Paris. She did not reveal her true emotions about Paris
Summarize Friar Lawrence’s plan She will drink a 42-hour deadly drink and when they put the open casket at the family crypt, then Romeo will come and get her and take her to Mantua
What decision does Capulet make in this scene that has tragic consequences? Why does he make it? To send Juliet to see Friar Lawrence was tragic for the Capulet’s cause
In the space below, paraphrase Juliet’s soliloquy. What are her concerns? What emotions is she experiencing? What if the poison does not work? Is the Friar trying to kill her? She is scared of waking up in a tomb without Romeo. She is scared the other people in the tomb will haunt her and the smells will be awful. She is nervous, worried, and scared.
Suggest the dramatic purposes of the soliloquy. (What does it contribute to the play?) The depth of love that Juliet feels for Romeo. Even after all the terrifying concerns, she will do anything to see and be with her love, Romeo, again.
Suggest the dramatic purposes of this scene? Everyone is getting for a wedding and is happy, but then Juliet will not wake up and everyone is frantic
Compare the reactions of the Nurse, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet, and Paris when they discover Juliet’s death. Draw conclusions based on your observations. Nurse is sad- she loved Juliet like a daughterLady Capulet is sad that her daughter is dead – she was very proud of her daughter and couldn’t wait for her to get marriedLord Capulet is confused – he thought he had everything right and was in control. He was sad but he was also sad that the wedding was ruinedParis – disappointed because he was ready to marry Juliet
What is Friar Lawrence’s part in this scene regarding his and Juliet’s plan? He calmed everyone down to make them go through with their usual death protocol and get Juliet in position so Romeo could eventually take her
Comment on the significance of Romeo’s line “Is it e’en so? Then I defy you stars!”How is this statement ironic He is angryStars are like fate and he defied the fate. In defying fate, he is also defying the fact of him and Juliet being together like the plan had set it up
How is Romeo’s frustration with the “world” evident later in the scene when he talks to the apothecary? He tells the Apothecary you are poor because of the world. The world is not your friend.
What is the dramatic purpose of this scene? (What important information do we receive?) Romeo did not get the letter from Friar Lawrence so he does not know that Juliet is truly not dead
Why is Paris at Juliet’s grave? He is at her grave to put flowers on her grave and mourn her death
What is ironic about Romeo’s lines (101-105) “Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty”? Death brought the end to his love with Juliet
What causes Lady Montague’s death? Grief of Romeo’s death
How have the two lovers fulfilled the destiny spoken of in “The Prologue? The prologue explained death to lovers and that is what happened
Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon England
Mother and Father names? John and Mary
Shakespeare social class? Middl class
What school di he go to? Stratford Grammar School from the Elementary to High School
What subjects did h learn? latin, English Prose and Poetry, and Greek and Roman history and mythology
Did he go to college? NO
Who did he marry? The 26 year old Anne Hathaway at 18
3 Children names? Hamnet, Judith, and Susanna
Where did he go to work for an acting company London
How many plays and sonnets did he write? 36 plays and 154 sonnets
Where were most of his plays performed Globe Theater
He died when and where? Stratford in 1616 at age 52
Tradegies Somber and Thoughtful; Human emotions and Conflicts; End with death
Pathos pity, sadness, and compassion
Catharsis process of releasing and giving relief
Romeo and Juliet was written in 1591-1595
Archetype original or very typical example of a certain person or thing, which usually been imitated or copied

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