ancient grudge break to new mutiny themes of masculinity and power
where civil blood makes civil blood unclean
a pair of star crossed lovers take their life themes of fate
doth with their death bury their parents’ strifethemes of fate – links to friar’s desire to resolve the grudge with love
death marked love their love was destined to bring them to death foreshadows the play as a tragedy theme of fate
prologue as a whole -outline of the story and its journey from love to tragedy- iambic pentameter like in a sonnet-begins the play with a love poem displays the power that love will hold in the play and perhaps society also
what, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds TYLBAT- degrades the capulet men for mixing with the enemy- says it makes them weak- degrades his own men suggesting they are more courageous than to fight such weak montagues (servants)- “hind” calls them female deer so attacks masculinitytheme of masculinity, power
o brawling love, o loving hateo heavy lightnessfeather of leadbright smokecold fire ROMEO- oxymorons emphasise fickle nature to love – displays him as melancholic and changeable
she’ll not be hit by cupids arrow ROMEO- Romeo is fickle to love as is relying of cupid to do all the work- displays the dangerous nature of man to the Elizabethan and modern audience – theme of fate
of honorable reckoning are you both PARIS TO CAPULET

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