Romeo and Juliet Prologue & Act1

What is the place setting of the play? Verona, Italy
What is the relationship between the two house holds? hate each other; enemy
What does Shakespeare mean by “star-crossed lovers”? they are destined for each other since birth
What happens to the lovers? they die
What is the subject matter for this play? two ppl who are destined for a doomed love because of their families
What does the chorus ask of the audience in the last two lines? to pay attention to the play
What is the name of the poetic form that Shakespeare uses for the prologue? How can you identify it? sonnethad iambic pentameter
List the rhyme pattern. abab cdcd efef gg
Name the two households involved in the feud. Capulet & Montague
Do you think the fight in this scene will be the last instance of feuding between the two families? no, the hatred is too deep
What is Romeo’s mood in this first scene and what has caused it? He is sad and depressed because he can’t get Rosaline to love him
How, according to Benvolio, might Romeo alter his mood? to examine other beauties
In this scene what differences do we see between Benvolio and Tybalt? Benvolio is a peacemaker and Tybalt likes to start fights
An oxymoron is an effect that is caused by combining two contradicting words, such as “mournful optimist.” Romeo the unhappy lover, talks in oxymorons. Find two examples. loving lightcold fire
In his talk with Capulet, what proposal does Paris make? marriage with Juliet
What is Lord Capulet’s reaction to the proposal? That Juliet needs to be ok with it
Does Capulet seem sincere in his concern for his daughter’s happiness in marriage? Cite some lines from the play to support your answer. yes, “My will to her consent.”, “She’s the hopeful lady to my earth.”
Why does Romeo go to the Capulet party? so that he can see Rosaline
What subject does Lady Capulet want to talk about with Juliet? the marriage to Paris
How is their conversation postponed for a time? the nurse talks a lot
Describe Juliet’s nurse. the nurse is concerned with Juliet, she’s more of a mother to Juliet than Juliet’s mother is
With what does Lady Capulet compare to Paris? Is he handsome or plain? flower & book; handsome
What is Juliet’s attitude about a prospective marriage to Paris? She hasn’t thought much about marriage, but she’ll try for her parents
Do you think Juliet is old enough to be married (13 almost 14) ? Why or why not? not today, but in Shakespeare” time
Is Juliet a lamb or a rebel as you have seen her so far? Explain your choice. a lamb right now but after she meets Romeo she becomes more of a rebel
What does Romeo’s dream warn him not to do? What does he do anyway? to not go to the party; he goes
Does Mercurio believe that people rule their own destinies? How can you tell? he believes people control their own destinies due to their passions; his speech
This scene ends in foreshadowing. What does Romeo fear at the end of this scene? it will lead to him dying young
What is the general atmosphere as scene 5 opens? party atmosphere, fun, joyful
How does Tybalt react when he sees Romeo at the Capulets’ party? he wants to kill him
How does Capulet react to Tybalt’s behavior? he says to leave Romeo alone because he’s a good boy
How would you describe Romeo’s reaction when he sees Juliet for the first time? love at first sight
Having fallen deeply in love, Romeo and Juliet kiss and part. Then Romeo makes a surprising discovery about the other’s identity. How does that discovery effect Romeo and Juliet? that they are both from feuding families
Both Romeo and Juliet were reluctant to attend the ball. Why is this ironic? if they didn’t go they wouldn’t have met

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