Romeo and Juliet Pre-Reading 1

tragedy a drama that results in catastrophe
tragic hero the protagonist, or central character; usually falls or dies because of a character flaw or a cruel twist of fate
antagonist the adversary or hostile force opposing the protagonist; can be a group of characters, or a nonhuman entity
foil character whose personality and attitude contrast sharply with those of another character; emphasizes another character’s attributes and traits, such as a timid introverted character making a talkative one seem chattier
soliloquy a speech given by a character alone; exposes a character’s thoughts and feelings to the audience
aside a character’s remark that others on stage do not hear; reveals the character’s private thoughts
dramatic irony when the audience knows more than the characters; helps build suspense
comic relief a humorous scene or speech intended to relieve tension; heightens the seriousness of the main action by contrast
blank verse Shakespeare wrote his plays primarly in this, which is unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter contains five unstress syllables, each following a stressed syllable
allusion a reference to a literary or historical person or event that the audience is expected to know
Shakespeare’s audience was familiary with _____ and _______ mythology and the ________. Greek and Roman mythology and the Bible
“Shakespeare also includes many ________________, humor resulting from ________________ with similar _______________ and different ______________________. puns, similar sounds, different meanings

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