Romeo and Juliet Power Point Notes

List two facts about Queen Elizabeth – ruled England most of Shakespeare life- supporter of the arts-liked by the English people
Name two of Shakespeare’s tragedies that you’ve heard of before – Hamlet- Macbeth- Othello
Name two of Shakespeare’s comedies that you’ve heard of before – The Comedy of Errors- Love Labour’s Lost- Midsummer Night’s Dream
Name two of Shakespeare’s histories that you’ve heard of before – King Henry VI- Life of King Henry- King John
How many acts does the typical Shakespearean play contain? How are those acts divided up? 5 acts divided into scences
Name one other technique common to Shakespeare’s plays. Prologue – the introductionSoliloquy – a solo speech expressing feelingsAside – revealing personal thoughts that no one else knows
In one sentence, tell what you think the play Romeo and Juliet will be about. Two people in love that families are enemies
WHO Romeo – MontagueJuliet – Capulet
WHAT two young lovers fall in love but end up dead
WHEN 1400’s
WHERE Verona, Italy and Mantua, Italy
HOW By fate? By circumstance? Poor judgement? Literally by poison and dagger
Who is the ruler of Verona? Prince Escalus
Which characters are Capulet (or closely aligned with the Capulets)? Juliet – daughter to Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet; takes the lead in the romance, lyrical use of language, only one to guess outcome/had premonitionsLord Capulet – Juliet’s father; inflexible, impatient, loves Juliet but is misguided in his loveLady Capulet – Juliet’s mother; cold, not very maternal, doesn’t stand up for Juliet, doesn’t talk to herTybolt – Juliet’s cousin; hot temperNurse – Juliet’s caregiver/nanny; loves Juliet, motherly
Which characters are Montague (or closely aligned with the Montagues)? Romeo – son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague; passionate, isolated, idealistic, naive, has premonition but does not act on themLord Montague – Romeo’s father; feud with the CapuletsLady Montague – Romeo’s mother; lovingBenvolio – cousin; peace maker, Romeo’s best friend
Who are the other characters Mercutio – good friend of RomeoFriar Laurence – Romeo counselor; loved, respected
From whom (or where) did Shakespeare get the story of Romeo and Juliet? From an ancient poem about two young lovers
List two facts about Italy and/or Elizabethan England that are reflected in the play – Shakespeare thinks they mature faster- infamous feuds-Juliet is 13- prominent families
What are two possible themes of Romeo and Juliet? – complications of love- death- hate- immaturity-

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