act 1 in Italy two noble families, the motagues and capulets, have much bad blood between them. Romeo, son of motague, is in love with rosaline, who disdains his love. as a result, romeo is depressed. to cure him of his love, hi friend benvolio includes him to attend a masked ball, romeo is attracted by a girl who he learns is juliet, daughter of capulets. they seal their love with a kiss.
act 2 Romeo lingers in capulets garden, standing in the orchard beneath juliets balcony. he sees juliet leaning over the railing, hears her calling out his name, and wishes that he were not a montague. he reveals his presence, and they resolve, after an ardent love scene to be married secretly.
act 3 Tybalt encounters romeo returning from Friar lawrences cell. romeo, softened by his newfound love and his marrige to juliet, refuses to be drawn into a quarel with tybalt, and now his kinsman by marrige. mercutio grapples with tybalt and is killed. aroused to fury by death of his friend, romeo fights with tybalt and kills him an takes shelter in friars cell.
act 4 in despair, juliet seeks friar lawrences advice. he gives her a sleeping potion, which for a time will cause her to appear dead. thus, on the day of her supposed marrige to paris, she will be carried to the family vault. by the time she awakens, romeo will be summoned to the vault and take her away to mantua.
act 5 the friars letter fails to reach romeo. when he hears of juliets death romeo procures a deadly poison from an apothecary and secretly returns to Verona to say his last farewell to his deceased wife and die by her side. at juliets side, romeo drinks the poison and dies. when juliet awakens from her deep sleep, he realises romeos error and kills herself with a dagger. the capulets and montagues decide to reconcile as a result f the deaths of their children.
love the love romeo and juliet share is beautiful and passionate. it is pure, exhilarating, and transformative, and they are willing to give everything to it. but it is also chaotic and destructive, bringing death to friends, family and to themselves.
fate no matter what the lovers do, what plans they make, or how much they love each othe, their struggles against fate only help fulfill it. but defeating or escaping fate is not the point. no one escapes fate. is is romeo and juliets determinaton to struggle against fate in order to be together, whether in life or death, that shows the fiery passion of their love, and which makes that love eternal.

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