Romeo and Juliet/Play & Sonnet Vocabulary

Sonnet a 14-line poem with a very specific rhyme scheme
Stanza a section of a poem
Couplet two lines that follow each other and rhyme
Setting the time, place, and circumstances of a story or play
Stage Directions notes in the script of a play to tell the actors when to come on stage or go off, and how to say their lines
Rhyme Scheme the pattern of rhyming words at the end of a line of poetry
Comedy light, amusing play with a happy ending
Tragedy a serious play with a sad or disastrous ending
Drama a play
Narrator person telling the story
Speaker of a poem the person who is telling the poem
Foreshadow to give a hint or suggestion early in the play of something that will happen later in the play
Allusion an indirect reference to another work of literature, art, historical person, or event

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