Romeo and Juliet – Other Characters

if love be rough with you be rough with love – 1.4 mercutio is emotionless and insensitive – he believes that love is a game/childish fight
prick love for pricking, and you beat love down – 1.4 mercutio believes that romeo is overreacting, and that his love problems are childish problems – almost like a game – he is the opposite to romeo
a plague o both your houses! – 3.1 mercutio curse both houses at his death as the feud has lead to his death – he blames both houses(non’biased) – ‘a plague…’ foreshadows the death’s of the lovers
i see queen mab hath been with you tonight – 1.4 mercutio is mocking romeo he believes that dreams are stupid, he is insensitive – found in between romeo’s speeches about rosaline and juliet (very OTT) – shows he is a foil to romeo
speak but one rhyme and i am satisfied – 2.1 mercutio mocks romeo
look for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man – 3.1 mercutio uses a pun even when he is dying – not a funny moment at all – shows mercutio’s character
i pray thee, good mercutio, let’s retire the day is hot, the capels abroad – 3.1 benvolio is level headed opposite to romeo and mercutio – benvolio is the only one to survuve
these hot days, is the mad blood stirring? – 3.1 benvolio foreshadows mercutio’s death
be ruled by me, forget to think of her … examine other beauties – 1.1 benvolio is the reason for their deaths in the end
talk of peace? i hate the word as i hate hell, all montagues and thee – 1.1 tybalt shows feud and violence from start – peace is never even considered in the play – links ‘hell’ to the montagues – religious language
the very butcher of a silk button 3.1 tybalt uses lots of fencing terms to show his superiority
romeo the hate i have for thee can afford no better term than this – thou art a villain – 3.1 tybalt despises romeo and calls him a villain
my child is yet a stranger to the world – 1.2 lord capulet – shows he cares for juliet and is protective over her – ‘my’ shows ownership and a patriarchal society -‘stranger’ shows naivety of juliet
hang thee young baggage! disobedient wretch! – 3.5 lord capulet is angry at juliet – ‘hang thee’ he wants her to be dead – ‘baggage’ connotes a burden to him
i’ll tell thee what: get thee to church on thursday or never look me in the face – 3.5 lord capulet is ordering juliet around shows patriarchal society – he threatens to disown her, shows he would rather lose her than his reputation
hang, beg, starve, die in the streets – 3.5 lord capulet explaining his wishes if she does not act like his daughter – shows he has ownership over her – asyndetic list shows his growing anger
talk not to me for i’ll not speak a word – 3.5 lady capulet abandons juliet in a time of need – shows she is selfish and has no emotions for juliet
here comes your father tell him so yourself – 3.5 lady capulet does not care for juliet’s well being – she does not want to disobey her husband
my child! my only life! revive look up or i will die with thee – 4.5 lady capulet only seems to care for juliet when she has died – shows that she thinks that no child means a lower social status – she is corrupted
nurse where’s my daughter call her forth to me – 1.3 lady capulet has little relationship with juliet, everything is through the nurse -‘daughter’ shows their relationship is formal.
fetch a ladder, by which your love must climb a bird’s nest soon when it is – 2.5 the nurse helps r+j with their relationship – describes Romeo as climbing into Juliet’s nest – hint of them having sex
you shall bear the burden soon at night – 2.5 the nurse describes how they will have sex tonight – slightly creepy or odd as she has raised Juliet
seek happy nights to happy days – 1.3 the nurse says lots of sexual banter and innuendos to Juliet – her view on love is similar to mercutios – only a physical attraction and emotion
ancient damnation! o most wicked fiend – 3.5 Juliet to the nurse when she says that she must marry Paris – shows a strong hatred – exclamatory sentence and religion vocabulary
thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain – 3.5 Juliet ends her friendship with the nurse – heightens her isolation and emphasises how she is alone In her journey
never was seen so black a day as this – 4.5 the nurse when Juliet ‘dies’ ‘ black’ connotes absence of light shows how the ‘light’ of Juliet is gone – not only Romeo using light imagery for her – she also likens it to the death of her daughter, she feels the same pain – shows how close they were

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