Romeo and Juliet – No Fear Shakespeare-Vocabulary

honorable (adj) having or showing honesty and good moral character
fortune (n) something that happens by chance – luck
valiant (adj) very brave or courageous
masquerade (n) a party at which people wear masks and often costumes
contradict (v) to say the opposite of (something that someone else has said)
invincible (adj) impossible to defeat or overcome
sorrow (n) a feeling of sadness or grief caused especially by the loss of someone or something
torment (n) extreme physical or mental pain
moderation (n) the quality or state of being reasonable and avoiding behavior, speech, etc., that is extreme or that goes beyond what is normal or acceptable
plague (n) a large number of harmful or annoying things or a disease that causes death and that spreads quickly to a large number of people
mercy (n) kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation
pardon (v) to officially say that someone who is guilty of a crime will be allowed to go free and will not be punished
banish (v) to force (someone) to leave a country as punishment- to exile
tomb (n) a building or chamber above or below the ground in which a dead body is kept
sullen (adj) used to describe an angry or unhappy person who does not want to talk, smile, etc.
fiend (n) a very evil or cruel person
grieve (v) to feel or show grief or sadness
stubborn (adj) refusing to change your ideas or to stop doing something
prosperous (adj) having success usually by making a lot of money
faithful (adj) having or showing true and constant support or loyalty

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