Romeo And Juliet Movie Questions “Franco Zeffirelli” (1968)

Describe the tone in which the film begins? The person is talking sad.
Describe the music? What mood is created? Serious
What bits are cut out of the version? What do you believe Zeffirelli is attempting to emphasize about Romeo and Juliet in general? That they were talking about the weather. It shows violence.
How are the Capulets and Montagues dressed? How do these costuming choices develop character? Red and blue, and very bright colors.
How does Capulet behave as the Prince lays out his displeasure? They still want to fight, but then they drop their swords.
Describe the Montagues’ demeanor in general. Montagues follow leads.
What prop is Romeo’s carrying? What does this do in developing his character? Flowers, that shows he’s sweet.
What is cut from Romeo’s and Benvolio’s chat? Why cut those bits? What does it do in establishing Romeo’s character? He didn’t mention Rosaline and Benvolio didn’t mention the party. It makes Romeo stronger.
When the public is bringing home their wounded men, what do they do to Romeo and what does that tell us Romeo? He runs away.
What is Juliet doing when we first see her? What does this teach us about her character? She was playing. She’s young.
What does Zeffirelli do in order to characterize the relationship between Capulet and Lady Capulet? What is the effect? Seems like they don’t like each other. She’s not with the plan.
CUT-Scene of Romeo translating the invitation to the party. Why? This is how Romeo found out about the party.
Why does Lady Capulet call Nurse back into the chamber? What does this tell us about Juliet’s relationship with her mother? Lady Capulet is not close with Juliet and needs the nurse to make her comfortable.
Describe how Juliet’s actions characterize her relationship to Nurse and her mother? (Dramatic Foil) Juliet is very close with the nurse sits she sits on her lap like a kid and looks to her for advice, she is cold to her mother.
Characterize John McEnery’s portrayal of Mercutio. Mercutio is very out going, at

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