Romeo and Juliet- Miscellaneous

The Montegues and capulets What are the two families in Romeo and juliet
Paris Who did Lord capulet want juliet to marry
Verona where do Romeo and juliet live
tybalt Who is Romeos biggest enemy
family feud Why do the two families not get along
The Capulets party Where does Romeo first meet juliet
Rosaline Who was the first girl Romeo liked
Friar Lawrence Who marry’s Romeo and Juliet
He is banished What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt
The Prince Who Banishes Romeo
Tybalt Who kills Mercutio
She uses a sleeping potion How does juliet trick everyone into thinking shes dead
Friar Lawrence Who gives juliet the sleeping potion
Friar John Who forgets to give Romeo the letter from Friar Lawrence
Mantua Where does Romeo buy the poison
The Mausoleum Where is Romeo supposed to meet Juliet so they can run away together
No Does Romeo know juliet is only asleep
He drinks the poison because he thinks that if Juliet is dead then there is no point in living What does Romeo do with the poison and why
Benvolio Who is Romeos cousin
They are sad and the deaths bring the families closer How do the families take the death of there kids

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