Romeo and Juliet: Medicine/ Astrology

Ideas of medicine Same as the Ancient Greek times of Aristotle and Hippocrates// 17th century William Harvey discovered circulation of blood
Most important organ in those times liver” controlled four fluids called ‘the humours”
good physical and mental health depended on balance of the 4 humours
4 humours Blood, Phlegm, Yellow bile, Black bile
Blood made you sanguine (passionate, loving happy…)
Phlegm made you phlegmatic (cowardly, insensitive, and not very clever)
Yellow Bile made you choleric (stubborn, impatient, angry)
Black Bile made you melancholy (mournful, cynical, and greedy)
2 Treatments for Humours Lucky: various herbs to drink (rosemary, mint, lavender) Unlucky: blood-letting (leeches)
the state of your humours are affected by astrology, the food you ate, age, and other factors
Bubonic plague forbidden to gather in large crowds (except Church)
not treated by leeches diptheria, smallpox, scarlet fever
Astrologers where consulted by who and for what everyone and everything
witchcraft women in contact with Satan: killed
almanac better than the Bible: listed dates for festivals, predictions of crop failures and plagues

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