Romeo and Juliet Main Characters

Lord Montague -Romeo’s father and husband to Lady Montague-Patriarch (male leader) of the Montague family-Enemy of Capulet-Worried about his son’s sadness
Lady Montague -Romeo’s mother and Lord Montague’s wife-Cares greatly for her son
Romeo -The son of Lord and Lady Montague-Might be around 16-17 years of age-Handsome, intelligent, sensitive-Impulsive, immature (at times)-In love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play, with Juliet through the rest-He would rather die than be separated from Juliet
Benvolio -Montague’s nephew-Romeo’s cousin and close friend-Thoughtful-Tries to defuse the violence of the Montague-Capulet feud in public places-Accused by Mercutio of having a quick temper-Tries to help keep Romeo’s mind off of Rosaline
Balthasar -Servant to Romeo-Dedicated-Loyal-Hardworking
Abram -Montague’s servant-Gets in a fight with two of Capulet’s servants (Sampson and Gregory)
Lord Capulet -The patriarch (male leader) of the Capulet family-Father to Juliet and husband to Lady Capulet-Enemy of Montague-Loves his daughter and wants what is best for her-Prudent-Respected-Quick temper-Most likely in his late forties or in his fifties
Lady Capulet -Juliet’s mother and Lord Capulet’s wife-Married young-Probably around mid-20s-Eager to see her daughter married to Paris-Not much of a mother to Juliet, relying on the Nurse to raise Juliet
Juliet -Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet-Almost fourteen-years old-Beautiful-Somewhat naïve at the beginning of the play-Falls in love with Romeo-She would rather die than be away from Romeo-Her closest friend and confidant is her nurse (the woman who, in many ways, raised her)
Tybalt -Juliet’s cousin and Lady Capulet’s nephew-Vain, prideful-Fashionable-Takes offense easily-Aggressive and violent-Very good fighter-Hates the Montagues
Nurse -Juliet’s nurse-Has cared for Juliet all of her life-Vulgar-Talks a lot-Sentimental, emotional-Provides comic relief-Juliet’s faithful confidante through most of the play-Loyal-Believes in love (but a different view of love than Juliet)-Does not understand self-sacrifice
Peter -A Capulet servant-Often works with the Nurse-Illiterate-Bad singer
Sampson and Gregory -Servant of Capulet-Hate the Montagues-Like to provoke fights
An Old Man (Another Montague) -A relative of Montague-Grew up with Montague-Enjoyed partying with Montague in their youth
Prince Escalus -The Prince of Verona-Related to Mercutio and Paris-Cares about maintaining peace in Verona
Mercutio -A relative of Prince Escalus-Romeo’s closest friend-Has a large imagination and wit-Can be sarcastic or satirical at times-Likes to tell crude, crass jokes-Can be hot-headed, tends toward violence-Hates people who are pretentious, pretend to be something they are not, or are obsessed with the latest fashions-He gets tired of Romeo’s ideas of love and tries to convince Romeo to change
Friar Laurence -A Franciscan friar (he works for the church)-Friend to Romeo and Juliet-Cares about the community and about peace-He encourages moderation-He always has a plan (and Romeo and Juliet come to him for plans on several occasions)-Willing to break unwritten social codes-An expert in potions and herbs
Friar John -A Franciscan friar-Sometimes sent on errands by Friar Laurence
Count Paris -Related to the Prince-A suitor of Juliet’s-Both Lord and Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry him-Behaves presumptuously toward Juliet, assuming she will want to marry him
Apothecary -A man who sells drugs and poisons-Lives in Mantua-Poor-Willing to abandon his morals for money
Page to Paris -Servant to Paris-Follows him around to do his bidding-Loyal

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