Romeo and Juliet: Juliet as Tragic Hero Review

Tragic flaw – Tragedy (death)- she acts out of emotions – loves Romeo way too much*
Reversal of fate First, she’s married to Romeo, Tybalt dies, then Romeo is exiled, she’s gonna marry Paris, tries to kills herself, Romeo’s dead and lastly Juliet dies (starts at a state of happiness and ends up no longer breathing).
Recognition of flaw – she doesn’t leave tomb, stays b/c committed to suicide*- tries to kill herself when Romeo is banished – drinks potion
Excessive pride Marries Montague (against rules, thinks she’s above them)
Tragic fate – suicide – young, she does it out of emotions/passion- her plan is spoiled by fate, she doesn’t deserve to die
Catharsis – Montagues and capulets -> ends feud- audience -> don’t act out of emotions, feuding is bad

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