Romeo and Juliet (Hannah Eck)

Etc. more to it
I.E. for example or such as
Rd. road
St. street
Ave. avenue
Ln. lane
Abhor hate or greatly dilike
Rectify fix or correct
Wince involuntary reaction
Rev. reverend
Mt. mountain
Hr. hour
Aka. also known as
Co. county
Blvd. boulevard
P.S. post script
Et al and others
Ed. editor
Coherent aware
Mutual in common
Disclose reveal it
Intrepid brave; bold
Pragmatic practical
Exhilaration refreshed and joyful
Tact saying the nicest thing at a difficult time
Alibi proof that you were somewhere doing something
Suffice enough of something
Gist main idea
Bemused puzzled or troubled
Defy go against
Fray fight
Covert secret
Augment add to
Paradox opposite words that are connected to human emotions
Oxymoron words opposite in meaning with no human emotions
Purge clean out
Vexed troubled
Chaste pure and clean
Exquisite of superior beauty or quality
Bulwark line of defense
Foil a character whose actions are opposite to another character
Loathe to hate
Incognito in disguise
Nuptial engagement in the wedding
Peril danger
Consort knowing and spending time with someone
Conjure to create
Heir next person to get something
Bosom chest area
Enmity hatred
Perjure lie
Woo try to get them to like you
Woe great sorrow
Idolatry worshipping idols
Rite a ceremony or event
Haste happens too quickly
Chide to tease or lightly scold
Doting overly or follishly fond of someone
Rancor hatred or dislike
Effeminate being weak and womanlike
Calamity trouble
Purgatory plave where those who have died must pay for their sins before entering heaven
Fat Tuesday last day to celebrate
Ash Wednesday beginning of lent in the Christian faith
Lent six weeks leading up to Easter in the christian faith
Reluctant not wishing to do something
Aloof acting disinterested and standoffish
Apprehend to capture
Menace troublemaker; annoying
Tedious long, drawn out, and boring
Pensive deep in thought
Wretch angry disobedient person
Vengeance getting back at someone
Lament sorry for it
Predicament tough situation
Bard writer

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